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What’s In A Name?

Wednesday, January 9, 2008
Posted in: Those wacky e-authors and their names

A cyber pal pointed out yesterday there are some … erm… interesting names in E-Publand. Just check out some of them:

Rusty Wicks – This always conjures up rude images…
Rayne Forrest –
Skylar Grey – Skylar seems to be a popular name in E-Publand.
Honey Jans – Sounds like a euphemism for the vagina.
Stine Templar
Dahlia Rose- Flowery names really seem to be popular with e-authors.
Aurora Rose Lynn
Crymsyn R Hart
RaeLynn Blue
Raine Weaver
Red Garnier
Sable Grey
Feather Marosek
Roxi Romano
Skylar Sinclair
Rayvynne Sun
Laura Mazzuca Toops
Lizzie. T. Leaf
Fenner Jekyll
Petula Caesar
DaPharoah (Oh come on!)
Tysche Dwai – Dontcha just love it when authors pick easy names to spell?
Trixie Stilletto – This name always makes me want to giggle
Inna Spice – Wasn’t there a film called Inner Space?
Robin Slick (Eve, didn’t you write a story with some dude called ‘Rick Slick’? Hehe)
Johnny Peregrine
Rayne 2. Marzett (Is that somebody’s name or a typo?)
Brenna Lyons (hehe, I just put her name in this list cuz I felt like it)
Sabrina Luna – Hmmm…
Tuesday Morrigan
Eva Hore – *snicker*
Jade Twilight
Countess Celina
Chastity Lee
Cheryl Dragon
Candy Caine
Desiree Erotique – (Thanks Bam, I forgot Des for a minute there!)

Have you come across any other weird and wonderful names out there in E-Publand? Any from Printland?