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If you were talking to somebody who had a huge bogey (erm is that booger to you Americans?) dangling from their nose?

I was talking to a client yesterday who had a massive greeny hanging out of his nose… well strictly speaking, it wasn’t hanging out of his nose, but as near as.

Anyway, throughout our meeting, I kinda talked to his nose. I couldn’t help it. I really wanted to tell him, but how do you do that to somebody you only know on a business basis?

In the end, I didn’t say anything to him. I just couldn’t. The arduous task of trying to come up with a diplomatic way of mentioning it, was making my brain hurt.

What would you have done?

Plagiarism = Bad. Period.

Plagiarism doesn’t equal “Yeah, it was bad, but those girls were so mean.” These are two fucking separate issues altogether.

Any author who writes yeah, plagiarism is bad, but those girls are mean bitches, run the risk of people assuming that they don’t really think the issue is that big a deal. Unfair maybe, but that’s how it comes across.

Writing a friggin’ long essay on how mean, some bloggers and their readers are, whilst taking potshots at said blogger and their readers, is a tad hypocritical. (Passive aggressive tone, notwithstanding.) Some people prefer to call it righteous indignation, than what it actually is. Whatever works for them I guess.

Using the blog in question, as a forum to wring one’s hands in consternation over the way one has been treated in the past, due to one’s own actions may I add is… well…cringe-worthy lame.

By the way, most bloggers, or at least the ones who don’t put their readers to sleep will always have their own lovable sycophants. When you write a blog about how fangirlish certain blog readers are, and then your own blog readers chime in with, ‘Right on sister!’ or ‘Amen motherfucker!’, you look silly. I’m sure I don’t have to explain why. We’ve all done it I’m sure, but it still makes us look silly.

The next time anybody talks about trying to gain respect in this genre, I’ll be sure to pipe in with my ‘Not in this lifetime’ mantra, and quote the RWA’s initial response, when this issue was first reported to them.

Thank goodness for The SBs, Dear Author, and Nora Roberts I say.

Anyway, I’m turning off my comments because I don’t really want to have a discussion on the subject. Plagiarism is wrong, period.