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What would you do if you met the man of your dreams, and married him, only to find that he was…….your twin brother, and that you had been separated at birth?

That’s exactly what happened to a British couple.

“A pair of twins who were adopted by separate families as babies got married without knowing they were brother and sister, a peer told the House of Lords.
A court annulled the British couple’s union after they discovered their true relationship, Lord Alton said.

The peer – who heard of the case from a judge who was involved – said the twins felt an “inevitable attraction”.

He said the case showed how important it was for children to be able to find out about their biological parents.”

How terribly tragic.

I was over at Book Binge reading a post by Holly, about the whole Cassie Edwards plagiarism thing, when I came across a familiar looking comment:

“There is more going on here than CE is wrong. What’s happened here is disgusting but sadly, not surprising. Not too long ago I was attacked personally. It went past attacks on my professional life and turned into brutal attacks on my personal life and most importantly, my family. Yes. My family was dragged into it. There is no line anymore of what separates right and wrong.

Sadly, our community has become a free-for-all, where no one is safe from attack.”

This was from Renee Rocco, AKA Rene Lyons AKA The Dishing Diva.

I came across a similar comment on Jenny Crusie’s blog, but I more or less ignored it. Seemingly though, it’s a message that she wants to get across to people so I thought I’d do her the favour of sticking it on here, so that she doesn’t have to repeat it on every blog that she visits.

I know, I’m far too kind for my own good.

She continues:

“No, back to CE. SHE WAS WRONG. NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT SHE’S DONE. NONE. (had to put that in). Nevertheless, what should have been a reporting of the facts and kept to reasonable debates and discussions, sank so low that I too, am ashamed of what I’ve been reading out there. Blogs ripping her apart, tearing anyone to shreds who dares to questions THE TONE of the attacks.

This has become a virtual lynch-mob. With the AP involved now, brining more eyes on us all, it’s shameful that this is what people are seeing when they look at us. It was bad enough that CE cast a shadow over us. What came after only made us look like a pack of rabid dogs.

I wonder when this community will settle back down and these brutal attacks, not just on CE, but on whichever reader/author is the new “target of the week”

I just about nearly cried when I read her heartfelt plea to the romance community to stop tearing each other apart. Her words really affected me in a profound way.

So I pledge to thee my loyal readers, that from now on, I shall do my part and refrain from mocking those who don’t have the common sense that they must have surely been born with. I shall refrain from airing strong unpopular opinions, and I shall refrain from using the word ‘fucktard’, in relation to those people who seem to lose their minds on a daily basis in Romanceland. I shall also refrain from reminding people that the person in question set up a blog, pretending to be somebody else, just so that she could take potshots at other authors, for example, J.R. Ward.

This is my pledge to you, my loyal readers, and I will endeavour to live a life free of mockery and bitchiness, from here on in.

Updated to add: My pledge will be fulfilled when hell freezes over.