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Ye Bloggers of Old, Where Art Thou?

Saturday, January 26, 2008
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I came across this great post by CindyS, and it brought home to me, how much Romanceland is missing out by not having the likes of Maili, CrankyReader, and other absentee bloggers around.

Maili’s last blog post was in June 2006 as far as I can recall. I believe her and Will were moving to Germany or something?

Also, although JaynieR and I had a slightly acrimonious parting of ways over the Tina Engler AKA Jaid Black-married-a-convict-and-thinks-murderers-are-misunderstood, lovefest, I still think it’s a shame she’s dropped off from Blogland.

I also really miss, and worry about the girl from the blog, Baghdad Burning. Her and her family were forced to leave Iraq in April, and she’s only written two posts since then. The last post was dated October, when she was in Syria:

The first evening we arrived, exhausted, dragging suitcases behind us, morale a little bit bruised, the Kurdish family sent over their representative – a 9 year old boy missing two front teeth, holding a lopsided cake, “We’re Abu Mohammed’s house- across from you- mama says if you need anything, just ask- this is our number. Abu Dalia’s family live upstairs, this is their number. We’re all Iraqi too… Welcome to the building.”

I cried that night because for the first time in a long time, so far away from home, I felt the unity that had been stolen from us in 2003.

I really hope she’s ok.

Anyway, Cindy also mentioned Jay from Yapaway Jay, another blogger I used to frequent.

And lastly, I miss Monica (shut up Sybil!), I really do. She doesn’t post with any kind of regularity these days, and although many people (including me, may I add) didn’t always like her views, she was one of the few authors who’s blog didn’t bore me senseless, and one of the few on-line authors that I found very difficult to dislike.

Have I missed anybody out?