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I got this e-mail this morning:

Apparently, Teresa Wayne has transfered all the old Mardi Gras Publishing books to LA MEDIA. Yes all the ones that went to print now say LA Media on them, all except Kenna Fallon’s book Untamed.

Is this true? Can any former Mardi Gras authors out there, search for their print books at Barnes and Noble to double check?

The e-mail went onto say that apparently a lot of these authors didn’t sign an agreement for their books to be sold at LA Media.

Once a ISBN is used once for a company, the # is listed world wide… under the company. to change it is a criminal act because the authors didn’t sign on to be part of the new company.

Also allegedly, Teresa Jacobs didn’t pay some of the authors for their print books:

She never paid anyone for their print, and gave us a bogus print fee of about $400 when the fee is about $100. So she still cheating and stealing off many authors who got their rights back and moved on.

Can anybody verify this, because surely if the above is true, then Teresa Jacobs is being a very very naughty girl?