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I Feel Vi-o-lated…

Monday, January 28, 2008
Posted in: womanly things


I went for my cervical smear test today, and I have to say, no matter how often I have that speculum shoved up where the sun doesn’t shine, I still always feel like I’ve been ten rounds with Mike Tyson. I already had the obligatory hot bath, so now I’m off to find some non-fat cheesecake to make me feel better.

What do you guys do to get over the dreaded gyno check-up?

OK, don’t die of shock, but I really loved this book. Not only did I really enjoy it, I didn’t have the normal issues, that I have with Mckenna’s books.

1. The hero wasn’t a total asshole
2. Apart from going skinny dipping in a pool that didn’t belong to her, the female didn’t do anything that would classify her as Too Stupid To Live… Oh shit, yes she did. *whistles*
3. The heroine was more intelligent than the average Shannon Mckenna Heroine, AKA, she wasn’t a total walk-over.
4. The Villain didn’t reduce me to incredulous laughter at his antics.
5. The actual plot wasn’t paper thin

High praise indeed. I will deffo be buying her next book. (I say that as if there was the slightest chance I wouldn’t buy her next offering, regardless of whether this book had sucked or not. There wasn’t.)