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I see that Rene Rocco, AKA Dishing Diva, AKA Rene Lyons has decided to change the name of her publishing company:

Hello everyone

After discussing things with our accountant, Frank and I decided to do away with Dragon Spell Publishing and operate solely under our corporation name of Lyrical Press Inc. We’re the same old owners doing the same old business, just under our corporation name and at a new location:

Lyrical Press.Com

Along with preventing any future problems doing business as Dragon Spell (we’re 99% positive it wouldn’t cause any problems but that 1% was too much for Frank and I), we also realized that being Lyrical Press, Inc. but operating as DSP might cause some confusion with readers and authors. Especially since Lyrical Press, Inc. is on everything except for the website. We learned this only by facing that particular situation and finding that to some, it might seem confusing. We want only good for our authors and staff and so, after agonizing over this decision for weeks, we decided it was best to make the change now, before it’s too late.

Frank and I had the hope of using Dragon Spell Publishing as the place to sell or romance/erotica titles, while expanding our catalog to include other genres (Young Adult) under our company name of Lyrical Press, Inc. Trial by error taught us this might confuse some, look a bit sloppy, and that was simply unacceptable to us as I am fanatical when it comes to organization.

It’s difficult finding our footing, learning what works and what doesn’t, under the watchful eye of the public, so I hope you bear with us as we welcome in Lyrical Press, Inc.

Thank you for your understanding and support as Lyrical Press, Inc. grows and thrives.


As a an astute cyber pal of mine pointed out, they’ve probably made the change because the Dragon Spell name might be tainted Google-wise, now. Oh well, we’ll see what happens with them I’m sure.

How long are we giving Lyrical Press before they close down “due to hormonal women and bitching”? *g*

Thanks to you-know-who for the tip-off.

I found this review of Dorothy Koomson’s My Best Friend’s Girl, on Youtube, and I quite liked it, so I thought I’d post a link to it on here.

Danke Smith, one of my serial lurkers (the Youtube video is hers by the way) posted a comment about the book, which I thought I’d highlight on here:

I wasn’t sure where to leave this comment about The American Version of Dorothy Koomson’s My Best Friend’s Girl so I thought I’d leave it here.

I noticed it is about to be released in America with an awful cover that doesn’t do the story justice. What is most interesting, I think, is that the cover blurb from the publisher makes a race issue when there isn’t really one.

Also, it has been paired with books about interracial romances on Amazon.com. It’s as if because the main character is black, there is nothing else to the story.

Thought I’d bring it up because I know this is a subject quite close to your heart. Mine, too! ; )What do you think?

Danke x

What do I think?


Firstly, the American cover sucks great big fucking hairy donkey balls, and secondly, this book wasn’t about effing race. It was about betrayal, death, adoption, and friendship. Why oh why do these publishers have to mess with stuff that aint broken? If Ms Koomson had wanted to make this book about race, then I daresay, she would have done so in a more obvious manner.

Richard Madeley even states in the video, that he wasn’t aware that Kamryn was black until the incident with Tiegan at the supermarket. This should be a flashing neon sign to the publishers, even though it’s obvious to anyone who’s read MBFG, that this book isn’t about race. Sheesh.


I really heart C’um Hither Global. The guys who write the fake news pieces are just so damn funny.

Their latest news story is funny as hell:

Former E-book publisher, Claire Yancy, blames disgruntled authors in her recent arrest for DUI, assault of a law enforcement officer, manufacturing Methamphetamine, prostitution and internet mail fraud.

Husband of Claire Yancy, publisher of the non-operational Lion Tease Press, had reported his wife missing late last week after their landlord attempted to serve an eviction notice and a group of girl scouts attempted to obtain payment for 44 boxes of cookies his wife had ordered.

Aren’t they naughty? Heheh.