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Well, as it happens, I haven’t, but that’s because I haven’t read many fabulous, vote-worthy romance books that were published last year, plus I’ve been in a romance rut, and not particularly feeling the love for romance authors in general at the mo.

This obviously wont stop me from being scornful when the results are finally announced. Hey, my prerogative. *g*

Anyway, if you have┬áread some grand books this year, and if you can be arsed, go and vote, and help lessen LLB’s Reader Poll Blues.

Interim results can be found here.

Yes, I raised my eyes at some of the results so far too. Ironically enough, I’d read more books in the European Historical section than in any other. Who’d have thunk it?

By the way, just in case I haven’t mentioned it on this blog already, I thought The Secret Diaries Of Miss Miranda Cheever was a jolly good read. I really liked it.

The deadline for voting is 17th Feb.

OK, that’s my good deed done for the day. *g*