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According to Holly Lisle, at least.

I can’t really disagree with her because we did see the likes of Trisk and Mardi Gras go tits-up last year, along with badly run, Venus Press, Chippewa Publishing and a fair few others.

Lisle’s post was actually about an e-publishing business model that she’d come up with, but to be fair, she’d lost me by the second paragraph. Being me, the only interesting part of the long-arsed post was this bit:

It’s still selling fiction on the internet, albeit with printed novels taken from each issue eventually available, and I’ve seen that, at least with current models (unless you’re doing porn, which is out of the question), selling fiction on the Internet is about as effective and fun as nailing your hand to a wall.

I was most amused at the porn bit. In fact, I actually laughed out loud.

I could be wrong, but she seemed to have off-handedly insulted a whole host of e-pubbed authors in one fell swoop. Dammit, I thought I was the only person who could do that. Heh.

I guess the debate on whether erotic romance is actually porn, continues.*g*

Thanks to a cyber pal for the linkage.

Guys, you have to watch this. It’s the funniest damn thing evah. Watch out for the bit when he does the ‘Smack The Pony’ dance. God, it just killed me. Thanks to Kim for the link.

Effing hilarious. Seriously, you have to click and watch, even if you do nothing else today.