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When I saw footage of Spanish Formula One fans with their faces blackened, on the T.V yesterday, in protest against Lewis Hamilton, I was shocked to my core. I just didn’t think shit like this happened anymore.

I get that the protesters were supporting Fernando Alonso, and felt that Lewis Hamilton was to blame for him not winning the F1 Championship last year, but come on, what kind of racist ignorant morons are these people?

According to Marco Canseco, a reporter for the sports paper Marca, fans of Spanish driver Fernando Alonso booed his archrival (and former McLaren teammate) “fanatically” every time he moved between his mobile home and the pit at the Circuit de Catalunya testing session.

Those seated over the British driver’s quarters, included some men wearing painted faces, Afro wigs, and t-shirts bearing the word’s “Hamilton’s Family,” went even further, loudly calling Hamilton a “negro de mierda” (or “black shit”) and other offensive names.

Sometimes I forget how progressive we are in this country with regards to the race issue, at least until we visit the rest of Europe.

Unfortunately for Spain, this isn’t a first for them:

Although Saturday’s insults were a new phenomenon for Formula One racing, Spanish soccer has an unfortunate recent history of spectator racism. In 2004, Spanish national team coach Luis Aragon├ęs publicly applied the same “negro de mierda” epithet to Arsenal striker Thierry Henry and Spanish fans bellowed monkey chants at black players in a “friendly” match between Spain and England later that year.

FIFA fined the Spanish Football Federation $77,000 on that occasion. In 2006, FC Barcelona’s Cameroon-born striker Samuel Eto’o walked off the field in protest after Zaragoza fans repeated the noises whenever he took to the pitch.

Some people may argue that it’s just a small section of people in the country, but I disagree, I think Spain is inherently racist. When TTG and I visited Barcelona a couple of years ago, we experienced it then. It was a lot more subtle, but it was definitely there. And this was in a major cosmopolitan city too.

As I was listening to the radio this morning, some stupid idiot woman (she was Spanish) came on and tried to excuse the protestors by saying it was because they were angry at Hamilton, and were just trying to upset him because of the stuff that went on last year with Alonso. Ya think? What annoyed me was that she didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with their reaction. She’s not alone in her thinking, unfortunately. Many Spaniards don’t seem to understand what the fuss is about.

I’m hoping the FIA punish them harshly, because quite honestly, it’s time the country got their house in order.

Yet another country where I wont be travelling to anytime soon.

Rumour Has It…

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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OK, it’s not really a rumour, but I’m reliably informed that things aren’t going so great for The Dishing Diva’s new e-pub, Lyrical Press.

According to my sources, there have been questions raised about Lyrical’s publishing contract. Questions which apparently, aren’t being answered as comprehensively as they could be.

It’s also been alleged that LC’s contracts are a carbon copy of Samhain’s, with a few changes here and there.
Well, you know what they say about imitation being the best form of flattery…

I’m starting to feel a little sorry for Renee Rocco, I hope this endeavour is worth all the hassle in the end.

I blame Gisele Bundchen.