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Valentine’s Day Is Really Not Romantic…

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Posted in: Valentine's day

Would it be unromantic of me to suggest that Valentine’s day is just far too commercial these days?

Wanna know what my idea of true romance is?

True romance is putting the toilet seat down, and washing that single cup instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

True romance is having my hair held away from my face whilst I puke my guts up.

True romance is having my toe nails painted by my hubby, because I have a bad back.

My idea of true romance is coming home to a tidy house, because he knows I’ll be too tired to start and clean up.

True romance is organising a surprise vacation to Honolulu for two weeks. (That was a hint by the way.)

Flowers are all very well, but they are only really romantic when you don’t expect them. Know what I mean?

What’s your idea of true romance, and how are you going to be spending Valentine’s Day?

“Standing up to piss is not something that is exclusive to men”? Dear God.

You know what I love about ignorant people? They are all so lucid and articulate. You gotta love that.

Much thanks to Bam for the link.

I got this message from Laura Hughes at Harlequin the other day:

Hi Karen, this is Laura, one of the Internet team at Harlequin Romance. We thought we would give you some advance notice about a special Valentine’s Day gift from Harlequin that might be of interest to It’s My Blog readers. On February 14th, we are giving a free download of the eBook mini “Valentine’s Wedding Dress” by bestselling author Sherryl Woods at www.ebooks.eharlequin.com


Laura Hughes

Digital Production Coordinator

Now how great is that? The only thing is, I’m not really into Sherryl Woods, but I know that some of you might be, so go ahead and take advantage!

Would it be ungrateful of me to wonder why it couldn’t be a full e-book? *g*

By the way, I wonder if this is the same ‘Laura’ that Paula whatsherface from Juno books was ranting about?

Hi my wonderful readers, (well some of you are wonderful, the other one per cent who are haters really should find something better to do with your time, this blog is evol, evol, I tell you!) apologies for the blog being incommunicado yesterday. My blog designer’s webhost suspended her a/c for no good reason, (and without giving her prior warning either) then took twenty-four hours to rectify the problem. If it happens again, I’m so gonna slay their arse on here.

Anyway, some good news first of all, it appears that our 90 Day Jane isn’t going to kill herself after all. It was an experiment. An art project apparently.

Whatever happened to making a can-opener in the shape of a duck? That’s what I did for one of my art projects at school. It would have never occurred to me to pretend I was going to commit suicide. These crazy kids today.

Anyway, in other news, TTG and I decided to have an anti-Valentine date last night, which was fun. Tonight we’re going to stay in a hotel which is just ten minutes up the road from us. The house renovation is coming along nicely, but it does mean that the kitchen, the lounge, the dining room, and the conservatory are out of bounds, so we thought it would be good to book a nice hotel for the evening, and take advantage of the room service facilities. Although to be fair, I’ve been in London and Herts for the past three days, doing the hotel thing, which should get boring, but never does, unless I’m staying in a budget hotel, which unfortunately happens every now and again. *Shudder* (I know you appreciate what I mean Lori.)

Thanks to all you guys who sent me an e-mail letting me know that you missed my blog, even though I was only gone for a day. *g* It’s lovely to be appreciated.

And a special thanks to Syb, for helping me keep you guys informed.

Now, what’s been going on in Blogland over the last 24 hours?