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“Standing up to piss is not something that is exclusive to men”? Dear God.

You know what I love about ignorant people? They are all so lucid and articulate. You gotta love that.

Much thanks to Bam for the link.


  • So happy that it’s not just me and Hot Canadian Boyfriend who indulge in pissing contests from the balcony…


  • MB (Leah)
    February 14
    10:53 am

    OMG, where DO these people come from?


  • loonigrrl
    February 14
    10:54 am

    So . . . it’s Hilary CONRAD Clinton? Oh, good, I’m glad that’s been cleared up. Well, hey, at least we’re hearing this from a credible source, right? Seriously, this woman is just disgusting.


  • I thought she was saying “comrade” as in Hilary is a commie.


  • You’re not the only one who’s still in mourning after Sunday.

    I think we might have blown it this time and what a game to cock up.



  • Le sigh. If we could see outside her window we’d be able to see the little yellow bus pull up for her.

    And I pray I never meet a woman that stands up to urinate.

    “All my black friends…” Hmmm…at least she didn’t say some of my best friends are black.


  • If we could see outside her window we’d be able to see the little yellow bus pull up for her.

    lol I think that wraps it up in a nut shell, Emma!


  • BTW Karen, I missed your posts yesterday – glad you’re back with us. And while I can’t be there to hold your hair while you vomit, Happy Valentines Day!


  • EliG
    February 14
    4:32 pm

    Sad to say this doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m a delegate for Obama at my legislative district conference in a few weeks, along with the bulk of the delegates coming out of my local caucus location. I’ve been getting this kind of ignorance out of the idiots I’d expect it from and from surprising sources. The supposedly intelligent, liberal ones. And its amazing how they can say one word and clearly mean something they would never in a million years actually say, because “I’m not racist, but…”. They all feel the need to say that. My oldest friend may become a former friend over it. Now if I can just get some of my fellow delegates up to date on Robert’s Rules so that they don’t get shut down by those who wield the rules like a weapon.


  • Kim
    February 14
    5:10 pm

    Just like drunk dialing at 3:00am, you should never make videos while drunk and then post them. Never pretty. Always bad.


  • Strike another blow for conservatism. *sigh*.
    I think Kim’s right. Don’t Drink and Video tape.


  • I’m not convinced this isn’t someone’s idea of a joke. Otherwise it’s just too scary.


  • B
    February 15
    10:33 pm

    So that’s why some people think wars should happen!

    Of course:
    — the South was all evil (but despite this, America is now good)
    — there’s no way you can achieve any change without a war (I mean, if you want anything done in this modern, civilised world, obviously what you do is just start randomnly shooting at everyone and hope you get the ‘EVIL guys’ since they’re not helpfully labelled.)
    — I am a bleeding heart liberal
    — Being tough apparently equates being a man, or at least pretending to have a penis.
    — Black people always want violence

    How about… no?


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