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Valentine’s Day Is Really Not Romantic…

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Posted in: Valentine's day

Would it be unromantic of me to suggest that Valentine’s day is just far too commercial these days?

Wanna know what my idea of true romance is?

True romance is putting the toilet seat down, and washing that single cup instead of putting it in the dishwasher.

True romance is having my hair held away from my face whilst I puke my guts up.

True romance is having my toe nails painted by my hubby, because I have a bad back.

My idea of true romance is coming home to a tidy house, because he knows I’ll be too tired to start and clean up.

True romance is organising a surprise vacation to Honolulu for two weeks. (That was a hint by the way.)

Flowers are all very well, but they are only really romantic when you don’t expect them. Know what I mean?

What’s your idea of true romance, and how are you going to be spending Valentine’s Day?


  • Janean
    February 14
    4:25 pm

    My idea of romance is when he does the dishes for me and I haven’t even asked him, rubs lotion on my feet when they feel dry, buys me cold medicine and chicken soup when I don’t feel well, or asks me if there is anything he can do for me when HE is sick and I’m taking care of something for him. It’s also when he walks by me on his way to another room and grabs a hug or kiss for no particular reason, or when he understands that sometimes I just need to complain to him and vent about things that bother me without him trying to fix it. He’s a really good listener when I need one.

    I have been on a diet since September; I reward myself once a month for being good by eating whatever I want to for one day. So today we are going out to eat Mexican for lunch and pizza for supper. It’s funny the things that get stuck in your head when you diet. Every book I’ve read and every TV show I’ve watched for the last month had a scene with pizza in it.


  • HeatherH
    February 14
    5:58 pm

    A good massage from the hubby without asking him.

    And I’m spending V-day with the flu. 🙁 Me and the kid both have it, and hubby missed two days of work to be home with me. 🙂


  • azteclady
    February 14
    6:42 pm

    All those gestures that show he thinks about you throughout the day; that he knows you, in and out. When he sends you links about things that interest YOU, whether he shares the interest or not. When he hears your voice, and can tell with one word if you are not feeling well.

    As far as Valentine’s Day… I’ve never cared for it, frankly. It’s always been to blatantly mercenary for my taste *shrug*


  • Oh, Karen, you are so right. Just this morning I was thinking “Would it have killed him to replace the empty toilet paper roll with a full one, at least on Valentine’s Day?” Or cook dinner for me and have it be ready when I get home from work.


  • I hate the idea of “valentines day”. Don’t give me Roses because you love me… because you are ‘suppose’ to. It is just a day on the Calendar.

    And it can seriously get to some… that is why we are playing this week. I figure everyone and their dog uses the romance genre for a few days out of the year. They mock us, talk down to us and maybe a few honestly celebrate us for all of two mins.

    So we are celebrating what we love, which is romance. The books, the authors who entertain us so well, the friends we make in person and online who share that love.

    HelenKay keeps saying she has no idea what I mean by Valenduckie Week, but go read her post (you know and buy her books LOL). But at the heart of it… I figure if the romance genre is going to be used, it might as well be by the Authors to spread the word about their books and by the readers… because everyone can use a good read and make it free and THAT is the best.


  • Jackie L.
    February 14
    10:28 pm

    Renee, do you know how many men it takes to change a roll of toilet paper?

    Nobody knows, because it’s never happened.

    In marriage as in life, it’s best to keep your expectations within the realm of the possible. Happy Valentine’s Day in any case.

    Today’s my birthday, I got flowers (the cats ate them), a lovely balloon (my daughter popped it) and a chocolate rose.

    But it’s all great because hubby hates to shop and this is probably the most stressful day for him all year.


  • 😉 I like your idea of romance, but I like flowers too.


  • When I am sick my honey takes care of me, holds me and made me feel better. That’s an example of romance. I think Valentine’s day just makes people who aren’t in a relationship feel bad. I can take it or leave it because I’d rather have romance all year round than one stinking day.


  • We went to the Moonlight Cinema, and I knew he loved me because he instead of complaining when a summer shower hit, he said it was great because now we’d get a better spot. LOL


  • In my case, a night together is romantic. I mean WITHOUT the children.
    He’s gone all week and home on the weekends. I take what I can get.
    I didn’t expect my flowers. He is SO getting lucky when he gets home. Oops. Did I say that out loud?


  • My husband, the bargain-hunter, always gets me flowers the day after Valentine’s Day.

    Since we live on a farm, true love is always a bit more practical here. Putting on the winter gear to trudge to the barn to feed my four-legged bottle babies at 1 AM and 10 below (so I can get my sleep), putting my boots next to the furnace so they dry out by the time I have to go out…I knew he was a keeper when he showed up with Iceman boots in November (while we were still dating and I was living on Ramen noodles) and said that Santa stopped early this year…


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