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KristieJ will be pleased to note that I finally got round to watching North and South last night.

Of course it was fantastic, as I knew it would be. Daniela Denby-Ashe sure has come a long way from Eastenders, and My Family. I did notice that she wasn’t the only Eastenders star in it though. Jo Joyner, (who currently plays Max’s wife, Tanya, in Eastenders) played Thornton’s sister, Fanny, who I thought was highly amusing by the way.

The secondary characters were excellent, and really helped make the film. Pauline Quirke’s Dickson (I’ve met her by the way, lovely lady, and so down-to-earth) was my favourite, but Higgins, definitely ran a close second.

I thought Richard Armitage played Thornton perfectly. All that smoldering passion, and repressed sensuality, was enough to get me in the mood for lurve. Very dark, yet so very fiery underneath his cool facade. I loved how he was willing to put himself out there, in terms of his feelings for Margaret. The scene where he asks for Margaret’s hand in marriage, even though he thinks he doesn’t have a chance with her, was heart-breakingly beautiful. Him and Daniela had enough chemistry to light up the whole of London.

Oh, oh, oh, and the snow scene where Margaret leaves Milton, in the horse and carriage whilst Thornton looks on, and he desperately urges her to “Look back, look back at me.”? Oh my, I just about swooned.

And the scene at the train station? Well, I think that was the most romantic ending to a film ever. I definitely felt the love.

So, what are you waiting for, go and buy the DVD ASAP. I promise, you wont be sorry.

And for all the people who will fall in love with Richard Armitage, you can find lots of lovely pics of him here.

And Kristie, you really should be on some sort of commission luvvie.