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Devon gave me the idea over on Sybil’s blog, where they’re discussing Lisa Valdez’s release, or lack thereof, of Patience.

I suggested the possibility of Valdez being just a one-book-wonder author, similar to one-hit wonder singers like Tiffany (although I’m reliably informed by Meljean that she had more than one hit. *g*)

The only author that comes to my mind is Marley Morgan. She wrote a book for Harlequin back in the eighties called Just Joe. I think it was a Silhouette Desire, and it was about a woman who had been sexually abused by her step-father. She meets a football player called Joe, who was just the most fantastic hero. I loved, loved, loved that book.

I’ve looked for other stuff from her since, but haven’t come across any more of her books. She may have written one other book, but I never found it. I should probably look for it again.

Can you guys think of any more one-book wonder authors?