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Could This Be, The Worst Website Ever?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Posted in: where are they now?

Just recently, I was wondering what ex-category romance author, Elise Title, was doing these days, so I googled her.

Title used to write category books way back in the eighties (I knwo, I read ’em) and according to her bio, she’s the author of well over 50 books.

So, why doesn’t her website reflect this? You’d think she’d want to at least put up a backlist of all her books. But no. One can’t help but wonder why she hasn’t put up at least some of them, if not all.

There are no excerpts, which is annoying enough on its own, but she has links to three pages, and none of them, except the ‘About’ page, tells you much.

Talk about keeping it brief.


  • Anji
    February 20
    11:13 am

    Well, I was having problems with the Javascript, so I couldn’t look at the other pages – I could only see the first page.

    At least there isn’t music, and there aren’t any crazy backgrounds and graphics. I remember Dara Joy’s website used to have all that – not sure if it’s still that bad, but the website was so hard to navigate, and so annoying that I haven’t been back.


  • rae
    February 20
    8:07 pm

    OK. I’ve got broadband and that one page took a very long time to load up. God help anyone on dial up. God help anyone if she discovers music. What on earth is on that page that is taking so long to load up?


  • azteclady
    February 20
    8:08 pm

    None of the links work for me (Firefox user here) but the main page does look a bit bare. And I’m not sure about the color scheme…


  • Maybe the webmaster died? It happened to a friend once. He had a business site and knew nothing about setting anything up. When his webmaster passed away suddenly the whole thing looked like crap for almost a month of my friend’s attempt to maintain it. Thankfully he found a new webmaster who got it cleaned up quickly.


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