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Is Silk’s Vault No More?

Friday, February 22, 2008
Posted in: Epublishers, Silk's Vault

I received an e-mail earlier asking me if Silk’s Vault had closed. I have no idea. All I know is, their site seems to have gone kaput.

A few months ago, Jane reported that Camille Anthony, an e-published author, had gone public regarding her lack of royalty payments from Silk’s Vault.

From that point, I can’t actually remember whether they actually died a death or not.

Anybody know? Or indeed care?

Well, I’ll repeat my comment at DA at the time:

My advice to any Silk’s authors out there is PULL YOUR BOOKS ASAP. There’s evidence of dishonesty already, so this ship is probably getting ready to sink. The warnings are loud and clear, and any author who stays with them out of fear, will only have themselves to blame when things go tits up, and the owner starts going batshit crazy. Mardi Gras Publishing anybody?

The website going kaput may be just a technical glitch, but I still think this is pretty good advice.


  • I rather hope they have closed.


  • As do I. i have never heard anything good from them and how they treat people. but it really amusing how its all going down like dominoes… Who is next you think?


  • That was a death long overdue. I had a situation with the owner when I pulled my books. The owner had no idea how to read her own contracts. It was sad…I was glad to get out of there.


  • Same here Miriam. I was very glad to move on and I’ve wondered just how long it would be before that pub went under for good.


  • Annmarie
    February 23
    4:37 am

    I left there a long time ago because of issues with them. But being there was how I met Miriam and CJ, so the experience wasn’t ALL bad.


  • Thanks Annmarie. I wub you too!


  • […] Karen’s blog (yeah, you KNOW you visit Karen) tipped off the demise of Silk’s Vault. Gee, let me act surprised. ……wait……wait………. Nope, not surprised. Well, let’s see if it don’t pop up again like Ocean’s Mist Press. (THAT is a whole other story to confuse you and make you ponder WTF.) […]

  • Hello Ladies
    Word from the owner is that she’s only down temporarily. She plans to put the side back up with a new site host. We shall see.


  • Wow…I was so suspecting that.


  • Karen Scott
    March 2
    10:18 pm

    Word from the owner is that she’s only down temporarily. She plans to put the side back up with a new site host. We shall see.

    Michelle, I just went and checked to see if the site was back up, and it’s still got the same message. If they aren’t dead, then how are they making money seeing as their website seems to be defunct?


  • Hello Karen
    You’re right. She looks like she’s down for good. I’ll keep checking because I have one small piece with them and I’d like it back (even though she has paid me royalties for it). I know A LOT of other people have had problems.
    At least your blog is helping to spread the word.
    Hugs Karen


  • Nerraw
    March 20
    9:41 pm

    I did a short stint as a cover artist for Silk’s when Carmel Cat first started. I got a few covers published, but soon Carmel was doing most of the covers herself and most of us artists were being cut out. I gradually drifted away and went on to other things. I don’t even remember if I ever got paid or not, but I was not making enough to make a fuss about anyway. It was an interesting experience and I have no hard feelings about it, but covers for romance novels are not really my thing anyway.



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