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Nora Roberts’ Hotel Destroyed By Fire…

Friday, February 22, 2008
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According to The Herald Mail:

BOONSBORO — Today’s early-morning fire on the square in downtown Boonsboro started in the historic Boone Hotel, owned by romance novelist Nora Roberts, and has affected seven buildings, a fire official said.

Jason Mowbray, a deputy chief state fire marshal, estimated damage to the North Main Street block at $1.5 million to $2 million.

In addition to the Boone Hotel at 1 N. Main St., other buildings affected by the fire were at 9, 11 and 13 N. Main St., fire officials said.

The Boone Hotel and structures at 5 N. Main St. and 7 N. Main St. were destroyed, officials said. All that remains standing of the hotel are four walls.

How awful.

My condolences to Nora and all the people affected by the fire.

Thanks to AztecLady for the tip-off.


  • azteclady
    February 22
    11:09 pm

    It’s just so very sad–the only good thing: no loss of life or serious injuries.


  • Wow. I was just wondering about Nora, thinking I haven’t seen her around lately. Hope she’s doing okay.


  • How awful. 🙁


  • Nora Roberts
    February 23
    12:47 pm

    Just a quick one. Horrible day, terrible loss. But the fact that no one was hurt is a real miracle. Apparently the hotel went up like a bomb. Some of my crew was inside. They got out, unharmed. Two families lost their homes, but weren’t hurt.

    It’s the worst fire in the town’s history.

    Thanks to the heroic efforts of the fire fighters, there was no loss of life, no injuries. And my old stone walls still stand. The engineers have assessed them, and they can be saved. Will be saved. My crew, who never left town all day, went straight to work to secure them.

    We lost a lot. We’ll fix it.



  • I’m glad nobody was hurt, Nora.


  • Sorry to hear this! Very glad no one was hurt.


  • Damn. Fire is such a shock to the system. It isn’t just the flames that destroy things – it’s the water, the smoke, the tearing into things to make sure they’re not smoldering. It’s all just such a violation to living space.

    Sincere condolences, Nora, and thank goodness none were injured.


  • Nora, sorry to hear about this. Thankfully no one was hurt.


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