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…Please update your website. You’re one of only a handful of Elloras Cave writers that I still read, and like, so I would be grateful if you could let me know what you are up to.

Whilst you’re at it, can you possibly try and avoid writing for Changeling Press FREE PUBLICITY! FREE PUBLICITY! FREE PUBLICITY! in the future? It’s not because their books suck or anything (well, not all of them I’m sure), and it’s not due to the fact that their covers make my eyes bleed either. The thing is, I don’t buy from them anymore, at least not since the owner came on here and lost her damn mind. So if you release any books with them, I wont be able to purchase, and that would make me sad.

You understand my dilemma don’t you?

You can blame Gisele Bundchen if you like, that bitch totally gets around.

((((Hugs and flowery kisses)))))

Yours sincerely,

Karen Scott
Age 32 years and 11 months.


  • LOL I wonder what Beverly’s response will be.


  • Beverly is such a sweetie. I hope she updates her website soon too.


  • Karen luv,

    What can I say? I’m guilty as charged. *g*
    I apologize to you and to everyone else for not updating my website! I shall endeavor to correct that situation as soon as possible. Don’t write me off as hopeless yet. 😉

    By the way, the post about the kickass heroine? I’m dying to know which book that was. See? I still lurk around here big time.



  • I’m all for getting excited about the future of animation, but wow… those covers are so tacky. =p

    Maybe something positive will come out of your criticism. I’m sure a lot of readers agree with you. ;D


  • Hey Beverly, I see you’ve moved your Changeling Press books to EC, that’s much better!


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