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No, that title isn’t actually as tongue-in-cheek as it may seem.

Janine at Dear Author has a great post, a confession of sorts, up at Dear Author, where she outs herself as an aspiring author.

The post itself wasn’t what I wanted to address. What I want to address is the myth that Romanceland is full of Snarky Reviewers. No. It’s. Not.

It was this comment that caught my eye:

I don’t think there is a backlash per se, at least no yet, but more voices are being raised against reviewers that trash books, irrespective of who the reviewer is (author, reader, etc.). Fact is that quite a bit of snarky reviews out there have gone way overboard.

The subject of reviewing has been discussed a thousand times around these parts, a million times even, and every time we have one of these discussion, the subject of Snarky Reviewers are brought up, as if Romland is full to the brim with them. It. Is. Not.

When I think of ‘Snarky Reviewers, I think of Mrs Giggles, The SBs and possibly me, But beyond that, I start to scratch my head. Amazon reviewers? Do they really count?

Just like the supposed legions of Mean Girl Bloggers that parade around Blogland, I suspect that Snarky Reviewers are becoming a bit of an urban myth. Everybody talks about them, as if they are all over Romanceland, when in actual fact they aren’t.