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Eve Vaughn’s Observations At The Gym…

Friday, February 29, 2008
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Eve’s determined to get healthy this year, so she’s joined a gym. She shares  her hilarious observations on her blog. They made me laugh out loud. I particularly liked these two:

“I hate those super intense people in class who seem to get off from adding power to every kick and grunting like they’re having sex. It makes me want to punch you in the face, especially when I can barely breath and it feels like my lungs are about to explode. I hate you all.

And to the guy who was kicking really high in the red shorts, dude, invest in a jock strap. I saw your balls.”

Funny. As. F*ck.


  • I’ve lost about 15 since November. Working seriously hard trying ‘change my lifestyle’ not diet.

    Working out pretty regular but it’s weights and the treadmill for me. Only organized class I do is taekwondo and now I’m even more happy that I don’t do organized stuff. I don’t want to see some guy’s personal equipment during high kicks.

    And amen on that grunting thing. Drives me NUTS.


  • azteclady
    February 29
    11:34 pm

    Can’t add anything coherent. I’m laughing too hard.

    (But I think I’m one of those people Eve and Shiloh hate…)


  • I grunt when I try to jog uphill O_O


  • Jackie L.
    March 1
    2:36 am

    Three no-neck guys used to show up at the Rec Center every Wednesday (my day off) and they would slap each other (feet only, thank heavens) and make loud animal sounds–kinda like grunting only more obnoxious. So I told them they sound like girl tennis players. Haven’t seen ’em since.


  • LOL, it’s been a struggle, but somehow I manage to keep going back. But I swear the next time someone tells me not to slow down because I’m only cheating myself, I’m going to kick them in the face.


  • I find it depressing when the retired men who are hitting 60 can do more push ups and lift 50 lbs weights like no one’s business. And then there is me who can barely do 20 push ups and 15 lbs weights.


  • (But I think I’m one of those people Eve and Shiloh hate…)

    Just don’t come work out at my Y. I’d hate to to have to hate you for grunting and interrupting my self-inflicted torture. 😛


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