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With Samhain Publishing, “It’s all about the story”, with Blade Publishing, “It’s all about the journey”.

Also, this may be me just being a tad over-picky, but doesn’t the Blade Publishing website, look a little familiar? Tagline, background colour, layout, and all? I’m thinking they built the website, whilst navigating around Samhain, which in itself isn’t a bad thing, but you’d think they’d try to make it a little less obvious wouldn’t you?

Whatever happened to originality huh? Sheesh.

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I love Cheryl Holt, I do, even though her last few books have been carbon copies of each other, I still buy her, even when I swear that I’ll never buy her again.

As most Holt fans will know, she’s releasing her 15th and last historical erotic romance this year, as well as writing her first book under her new pseudonym, Vanessa Marlowe. After that, she’s moving towards more traditional romances, i.e no more dirty, nasty ‘sex with rakes’ books.

Anyway, apart from wondering whether she’ll still sell as well without the erotic bit, this news pretty much sailed right over my head, when I read it on her website. What really interested me was this video of an interview that she did at lasy year’s Romantic Times conference.

It amused me so much, I thought I’d post it on here, but for those of you who can’t be arsed watching the interview, I’ve included some quotes from the lady herself.

She starts:

“I’m the Queen of erotic romance and the International Queen of Villains, I write some of the best villains that has ever been created in fiction.

This amused me greatly because some of the most frequent complaints about her books are that her villains are ridiculously over-the-top bad, and totally one-dimensional.

“One of the great American love stories …It’s just the best love story ever”..

She’s describing her 2003 book, Complete Abandon. I liked it muchly, but I don’t recall ever thinking it was the best love story ever. *g*

“I just have the greatest knack of writing the best love stories”

You gotta love the modesty, right?

“I write some of the greatest love stories ever told”

She said that so convincingly, that even I nearly bought it.

“I tell really great stories that people like to read”

I wish she’d stop being so damn humble. *g*

“The pacing, very fast pacing. By the time a reader opens the first page, they are so excited that they can’t stop reading till the end. I write high entertainment value books.”

This was her answer when asked what makes her stories so appealing to other people. Fast-paced? Dude, I love her books, but it aint cuz of the pacing!

“Fans love the characters, and the very emotional depth of the characters, and the great personalities that I create”


That gal sure knows how to sell herself well, doesn’t she? Anybody would think she used to be an attorney. *g*

I love the fact that she doesn’t bother with the whole “Aww shucks, I’m really not that great” false modesty. She thinks she’s great, and she says so. You gotta admire that, admittedly whilst laughing your tits off.