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I’ve been absolutely amazed by the number of people who have been having difficulties with NCP for ages, but up ’til now, haven’t had the cojones to make it public.

I realise of course that it’s probably not as simple as that for most of the authors who are there, but shoot, it’s not like the owners were shafting just a couple of them. From the e-mails that I’ve received, it seems that quite a lot of the authors were gettiing butt-fucked on a daily basis by the multi-pseudonymed, multi-faceted, mysterious owners of NCP.

Since when has it been acceptable for a publisher to not respond to their authors?

Since when has it been acceptable for a publisher to threaten to blacklist any authors who try to raise pertinent issues?

Since when has it been acceptable for a publisher to not pay their authors what they are owed?

These are all things that have been happening within e-publishing houses over the past year or so. NCP have merely added to the growing tally. (more…)


Well, thank God for that. Common sense prevails at last.

I wanna know who told him it was a good idea to proceed with the court case in the first place. Yeah, probably his lawyer.

“Compulsive gambler Graham Calvert, who had claimed bookmaker William Hill should have stopped him placing bets, lost his case on Wednesday.

The greyhound trainer from Houghton Le Spring, Tyne and Wear, was suing for negligence as well as compensation for personal injuries at the High Court in London.

The 28-year-old, described by his lawyers as a “pathological gambler”, claimed he had lost more than two million pounds, as well as his marriage, livelihood and health as a result of a six-month gambling spree in 2006.

In the landmark case, Calvert’s legal team had argued the bookmaker had been guilty of “negligent encouragement and inducement” by not acting to curb its client’s gambling, even though he had indicated he wanted them to on at least two occasions.”

Bloody dickhead. The thought that this even made it to court annoys the hell out of me. What a waste of freaking time. Remember that blokey who tried to take McDonalds to court because he didn’t know that if you kept on eating burgers, you’d eventually get fat? What a twat.

You think I can sue Gisele Bundchen for being the cause of everything that goes wrong in my life? *g*