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What is it with E-book publishers who publish their own books, using multiple pseudonyms?

I heard some rumours about Torquere Press that I want to throw out there. (FYI, Torquere publish lesbian, gay and transgender romance/erotica)

Let me list them for you:

The owners of TP, (just like the owners of New Concepts Publishing), have lots of their own books out under multiple pseudonyms.

Not only that, but like NCP (allegedly), these books are usually given preference, in terms of release dates, etc.

I also heard that there are a few cliques that have formed within the e-pub. In one corner, you have the ‘Your Shit Smells of Roses’ crowd (AKA the ‘In’ crowd), and in the other corner, you have the ‘Who You Looking At Fool’ crowd (AKA the ‘Out’ crowd).

Apparently, these two factions hate each other. Like really, really, hate each other.

The WYLAF crowd apparently don’t get their books released as often as the ‘YSSOR’ crowd.

Some of the authors – who may or may not be the pseudonymed authors recently bought Torquere and since then it has been a family business.

Shoddy or lack of editing, preferential treatment, et cetera has plagued the company since the take-over.

So, are there any truth to these rumours? Anybody willing to confirm or deny?

If so, my door is always open, just e-mail me at hairylemony @ gmail .com, and give me the goods. Confidentiality guaranteed, as always.