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Now this is interesting. I saw this letter over at Bitch Envy’s blog. It’s from a columnist with the Romance Writer’s Report.

Dear Publisher

THE RWR editors will not allow me to interview small presses editors even though their publishing house is “recognized” by RWA. I am only allowed to interview New York publishers.

This is not my decision…obviously since I asked you for an interview…but a decision the RWR editors absolutely insisted I adhere to.

I made several cases on the behalf of the smaller publishers…such as small presses are buying new authors and many New York editors shop the smaller presses when acquiring new talent…but got nowhere.

I am extremely sorry about. I do not understand this decision at all and do not agree with it one bit. However, I am not the editor of the RWR.

I apologize for any inconvenience.


Does “small presses” really mean e-publishers? Interesting.


That’s one of the questions that Anne’s asking over at Let’s Gab.

She has a reader poll on the sidebar, so go and vote ASAP.

You can choose from the following answers for the book cover question:

Yes. It’s only a cover.

Only if the cover is tastefully done.

Yes, but I’d cover the cover.

I only buy books with appropriate covers.




My answer was, yes, but I’d make sure that nobody saw the cover.

My local surgery is not the place where I would want to showcase the cover for Big Spankable Asses, know what I mean? *Shudder*

That cover was enough to put me off even finding out what the book was about, let alone buying it.

Other Reader Questions Include:

Are you satisfied with the number of contemporaries releasing as of late?

Which Genre Do You Like Best?

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Which types of paranormals do you like best?

How often do you read romantica (erotic romance)?

Where do you purchase ebooks?

She’s provided multi-choice answers for all of the above questions, so go and make your vote count!

If for whatever reason your vote doesn’t register, just post your answer on here, but try to at least vote over there first.

Just In Case Anybody’s Wondering…

Friday, March 21, 2008
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The crappy host was a company called 3iX. They had more outages than Madris DePasture’s mind, and the incompetent fools over there were about as much use as a virgin in a whorehouse.

Oh yeah, and the customer service sucked arseholes too.

Just saying.