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That’s one of the questions that Anne’s asking over at Let’s Gab.

She has a reader poll on the sidebar, so go and vote ASAP.

You can choose from the following answers for the book cover question:

Yes. It’s only a cover.

Only if the cover is tastefully done.

Yes, but I’d cover the cover.

I only buy books with appropriate covers.




My answer was, yes, but I’d make sure that nobody saw the cover.

My local surgery is not the place where I would want to showcase the cover for Big Spankable Asses, know what I mean? *Shudder*

That cover was enough to put me off even finding out what the book was about, let alone buying it.

Other Reader Questions Include:

Are you satisfied with the number of contemporaries releasing as of late?

Which Genre Do You Like Best?

Do you judge a book by its cover?

Which types of paranormals do you like best?

How often do you read romantica (erotic romance)?

Where do you purchase ebooks?

She’s provided multi-choice answers for all of the above questions, so go and make your vote count!

If for whatever reason your vote doesn’t register, just post your answer on here, but try to at least vote over there first.


  • Between the cover and the title…. *shudder*

    Sorry, but that just screams “PORN!” to me.


  • Thanks Karen, for pointing the readers to my blog. There are multiple polls up and I appreciate the votes! Hugs!


  • Oh, and THAT cover? That is not a BIG ass at all. Maybe a spankable one in the eyes of men, but so not BIG. WTF?


  • I know, Anne! What’s with calling that ass big? Reminds me of the skippy skirt cover at SmartBitches, and the person who said the model had flabby thighs–what universe do these people live in, I wonder?


  • sistergoldenhair
    March 21
    5:13 pm

    OK, all done. My answer: I only read books in public with appropriate covers. That’s not to say I don’t READ them elsewhere (at home!). Some of these covers I find embarrassing.

    I was disappointed in the “where do you buy ebooks” question because all of the choices are press choices. What about Mobipocket or Amazon Kindle? Both are ebook choices for traditional publishers.


  • ROFL, I showed hubby and he goes, “The sequel should be ‘Fat Swinging Titties’.”

    As you can imagine, I damn near spit up on my laptop.

    I actually don’t give my covers a thought. Though I did get a kick out of my visit to my OB/Gyn when I was pregnant. I’d bring in my books, notably a Blaze book and people couldn’t stop staring. Duh…didn’t they realize I got pregnant the regular way? So, I’m thinking my doctor with 25 years of experience ought to be able to handle my Julie Miller book.

    He gaped the longest and actually BLUSHED!

    Good Lord, what’s the world coming to when I’m the most shocking girl in town?



  • Sistergoldenhair- Please feel free to list that information either here or at Let’s Gab here. And THANK YOU very much for your input!


  • Dee- I had a Silhouette Desire once in the doctor’s office and people kept staring at me too. Sigh. It was NOT an explicit cover, just two clothed people embracing or something. Maybe it was the title? Who knows, but I ignored them.


  • I’m too old to give a sweetdamn about what people think about what I choose to read.


  • No, I doubt I would read it in public but it has nothing to do with being embarrassed.

    For me, it boils down to respecting for those around me-too often at the doctor’s office (for instance) even my personal doctor, people bring their kids and I know I’d get a mite upset if somebody was reading such a book in front of my six year old boy. Kids his age notice everything especially the things you wish they wouldn’t notice.

    While risque covers don’t necessarily turn me off (depends on how it’s done), that cover with that title is a book I’d pass on buying-I probably wouldn’t even pick it up to check out the blurb. Unless it was in ebook. I’d buy the ebook it was a book I wanted to read. Good thing about ebooks, I don’t need to worry about keeping it away from the kids.

    The cover, while it’s pretty enough, is definitely sexual. I don’t really have any issue with nudity but artistic nudity and sexual nudity are two different beasts.

    Other people may have different view points on it, but this is pretty much my take on.


  • I voted, I voted! And that cover? Every time I see it at the bookstore, it just cracks me up…if that’s what they consider big, I don’t want to imagine what they’d call a really big one. lol


  • And one other thing…I always use a bookcover if it’s a risque bookcover…too many little ones running around the house….those that I don’t consider risque don’t need a bookcover. Last year I read YOUR MOUTH DRIVES ME CRAZY by HelenKay Dimon and since the cover was not risque, I took it wherever I went without a bookcover. Then one night I asked my oldest daughter to hand it to me and she made the comment that the book was one of my “dirty” books…when I told her it wasn’t she replied that the title made it sound dirty. We had an interesting conversation about it but I thought it was very funny that I have other books here that from the cover would be considered risque and here she is, telling me the title was “naughty” lol


  • I don’t mind reading books with naughty covers in public, of course if there are children around I’m a little more discreet.


  • Anne
    March 21
    10:41 pm

    What Shiloh said. (I’ve been saying that a lot lately)


  • Michelle
    March 22
    12:30 am

    One thing I have noticed about people who are reading when I walk into the exam room is a lot of the time if it is a romance book they will turn it cover down on their lap or the chair, while if it is mystery, fantasy etc they will lay it cover up. It is funny but when I go to appointments with my mother, if I take a book she always says make sure it isn’t one of your “love novels” so that I don’t embarrass her. Talking about books is a nice way to get to know people/ice breaker-it really does help some people to relax.


  • Honestly, I don’t care. I’ll take a book anywhere EXCEPT the orthodontist because of all the kids (but I usually sit in the car anyway…because of all the kids)


  • DS
    March 22
    1:16 am

    Sorry, mothers, but I never think about kids being around as a reason to moderate my behavior. No wish to offend parents or kids, but they just don’t register with me for some reason.

    However, I frequently run into people who know who I am, so I try to be as low key and unobtrusive as possible. (This wasn’t always my behavior. As I commented to a friend today one of the advantages of growing older was that there were fewer people around who remember my bra hanging from the chandelier at my 25th birthday party. In fact my recollection of exactly how it got up there has always been a bit vague.)

    Anyway I don’t read anything in public whose cover might raise eyebrows. And that is another reason why I adore my Kindle.


  • Personally, I like the cover. And I’d be happy to have an ass like that! *smile* That doesn’t look BIG at all to me.

    But the title…well…that’s another thing. I’d never pick up a book with a name like that.

    And I rarely worry about what my book cover looks like. I can’t actually remember the last one that might have been a concern.


  • Jackie L.
    March 22
    11:53 pm

    I just got a copy of the hardback version of the Crusie/Mayer first collaboration–Don’t Look Down at a bargain rate. I was running late for my hair appointment. Since I hate chick-lit looking covers I ripped off the pink and cheery yellow outer cover and left the house.

    Then there I was in my hair salon with a hardbound book with camouflage print on the outside. No comments, but lots of odd looks.

    You can’t win for losing.


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