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Where Do You Purchase Your Ebooks?

Saturday, March 22, 2008
Posted in: Reader poll

No not, how you read them, rather, where you buy them from.

That’s another one of the poll questions over at Let’s Gab.

I’ve listed the choice of answers below, along with my own brief comments.:)

Samhain Publishing – Yes, they know how to edit, and their covers don’t suck arseholes
Cobblestone Press – I’ve been hearing too many dodgy things about them lately, so I’m avoiding them like they got cooties.
Ellora’s Cave – Only if it’s sent to me as a freebie
Liquid Silver Books – Yes, but not for a while
Whiskey Creek Press/Torrid – Nope.
Wild Rose Press – Hmmm, never bought anything off them, and probably never will
New Concepts Publishing – Never purchased anything from them, and thanks to Madris DePasture, I never will.
Changeling Press – I’m still boycotting them. Too much cover suckage
Forbidden Publications – Who?
Awe Struck – Nope
Amber Quill – Nah, not my cuppa.
Mundania – Too many crazy arsed Literotica writers at Phaze
Cerridwen – Nope. Used to, but I rarely remember they exist these days.
Wings E-Press – Who?
Fictionwise/Ebookwise – Occasionally
Eharlequin – Occasionally, if I want something fluffy to read

Hey Anne, you included Forbidden whatsitsface, and forgot Loose-Id? What’s up with that? 🙂 Also, you may want to add another option for those people who don’t read e-books.

OK, now it’s your turn, if you haven’t done so already, go and vote, and remember to vote in all the other reader polls on the sidebar too.

Louise Allen on the BBC, discussing Mills and Boon’s 100th Birthday. (third from left)

The Society Catch, by Louise Allen

I found this novel at my local library’s used book store last month, after reading another book by Ms Allen, and being the curious cat that I am, I bought it. With one thing and another (I still blame Lisabea, by the way), the poor thing ended lost in the TBR mountain until yesterday. But it was, I think, a good thing, because I ended up liking it quite a bit.

Here’s the (misleading, as always) back cover blurb:

Running away from Love

Miss Joanna Fulgrave has turned herself into the perfect society catch to be worthy of dashing Colonel Giles Gregory. But all her hard effort to improve herself comes to nothing when it looks as if Giles is about to propose—to someone else!

Deciding that bad behaviour is infinitely more attractive than perfection, Joanna flees her shocked family. Giles is hot on her trail, determined to catch her and bring her safely home. But will he be as determined to make her his bride?