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Which POV Do You Prefer?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Posted in: Reader poll


This is a brand new reader question over at Let’s Gab.

You can choose from:

 First person
 Third person

I definitely prefer third person, although I have read some amazing first person books. If I recall correctly, Katherine Allred’s The Sweet Gum Tree, was told in the first person, and I loved it loads.

If you haven’t already, go and vote, and don’t forget the other reader polls on the sidebar.


  • Generally I prefer third person, because very few writers have made me like the narrator of a first person well enough to enjoy the novel. Grimspace was the most recent of those, though it’s not the only one.


  • I really can’t say that I have a preference, I just like a well-told story. If first person is done well, it can be an amazing read, like The Sweet Gum Tree was.

    Third works too, or multiple points of view, for that matter, as long as I feel like I can tell a difference between each individual’s point of view.


  • It depends entirely on the author.


  • I read Sweet Gum Tree b/c of you Karen! And quite liked it too! I read her backlist as well and enjoyed most of them.

    Just re-read Linda Howard’s To Die For and Drop Dead Gorgeous. Some people didn’t like the first-person format, or found the character annoying, but I think in that instance, the story wouldn’t have worked any other way.


  • Her Katherine Allred books are rather good aren’t they?


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