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I know you guys are just about done in with all the NCP shenanigans, but never fear my loyal readers, I bring you a new example of fucknuttery within E-Publand.

I received this e-mail a few hours ago:

Mesage posted to Dark Eden Authors group by Debra Durham today. Ms. Durham had previously emailed “Patti” AP Miller and threatened her with a law suit in regards to remarks “Patti” AP Miller had made to others on the Extasy group and in private emails to certain authors that Debra Durham’s illness was not real. These emails found their way to Debra Durham. Cat fight ensues.

You guys remember Patti Rebmann, AKA AP Miller right? What do you mean no! She was one of the crazies who emerged at the height of the Mardi Gras Publishing fiasco. Yeah, the batshit crazy one.

Waddaya mean which one?


Anyway, here’s what Debra posted on her loop: Erm, you guys remember Debra right?

Anyway, this is a long old e-mail, so grab yourself some tea and popcorn, because you’re definitely going to need some refreshments. It may be necesssary for me to interpret now and then because as we know from old, Patti Rebmann’s strength doesn’t lie in her communication skills.

{Debra to her loop presumably}: I will post her first and second reply and then my response to her this morning…

1St message

Subject: My phone number
From: “Patti”

Date: Thu, March 27, 2008 9:57 pm
To: debra.durham@…
————————————————————————–I would rather we speak on the phone this is my number 702-629—- if you dont have long distance I will call you.


Erm.. I’m not sure why she wants Debra to call her either, so don’t ask me.

2nd Message

Subject: Re: Your posts and comments about Dark Eden Press
From: “Patti”

Date: Fri, March 28, 2008 4:19 am
To: “Debra DurhamWhat was said was taken out of context, illegally removed from a private author loop without permission, by AJ LLwelyn and RD Solange. If you read the rest of those posts you would have also seen that I mentioned I didn’t know who the owner was and that I felt very bad for her. I also had my opinions and I was entitled to them. I am an authority on cancer, been around it 23 years and had three members of my family stricken with it, and to clarify your insults, I am an “Office Administrator” not a secretary.

My head hurts already.

So with my experience in the field of medicine specifically oncology, it does make me an expert of this illness and not just cervical cancer. I am sure I would have quite a lively and very detailed conversation with your radiologist on the subject. And for the record you cannot have radiation and chemo at the same time…you can have them seperately. My only hope for you is that you can find an alternative in holistic medicine…have you researched that?

Christ on a cracker. Is she really claiming to be an expert on oncology, or did I read that wrongly?

I also never personally attacked you, your company or your authors, nor did I insult you, so an apology will not occur. My co-author and publisher have been following this very closely as well as several collegues, and now so will my team of attorneys who will find your letter along with the posts I wrote in their fax machines in the morning.

Crap, I missed something, why is Patti mentioning her lawyer?

It apears you have black mailed me and made threats to my own personal career as well as my co-author who never did a thing to you, I would call that libel and slander on my own part and his as well. ( If I don’t receive your apology by 5pm Sunday my next letter will be to your publisher ( the loop I spounted off on? I speak very clearly…I don’t spout) And after that it will be to every blog I can think of that would love to have the chance at you again…) Umm blackmail… Slander and of course libel. I never said anything about your company, and never mentioned your name because I never knew it until you sent me this letter. So honestly you have no case…I am the one who does.

Erm, am I the only one totally confused here? Who’s saying what, and more importantly, why?

I am sorry you have this illness. I was diagnosed with the very same when I was 26, but was cured with cryosurgery, it wasn’t plesant. It’s hell and something I would never wish on anyone.

You did mention you had cervical cancer in your post at Coffeetime, maybe you need to go back and read what you have been writing. I can show you the link. (“And for one thing Ms. Page, I never said what type of cancer I had to anyone” ) This was in your post dated March 24th in Coffeetime…”It started as “cervical cancer” 10 years ago and at which time has spread to other places”

As far as what I posted I am entitled to my opinion although some may feel otherwise. I wish you all the best in your treatments, but I do not feel that I have personally offended you nor did I attack you. I don’t know you at all. It was you who attacked me.

God, this woman needs to learn to write coherently.

If you want verification of what I did say you can ask my publisher and attorneys to show you the posts, dated in yahoo mail and on the author list. I am sure both my co-author and publisher would be more than happy to speak with you regarding this issue. As long as you feel up to it in your delicate condition. As a matter of fact we were just discussing taking in some of your authors at Extasy if they wanted to submit. So I would imagine I’m not such a bad person after all.

Erm, is she an editor at Extasy or something? She sounds like she has the power to take on authors. Somebody tell me it aint so.

As far as your accusations that I posted on other loops, well, that’s impossible since I only posted within my own author loop and made two posts to the above mentioned authors to their own private emails with explanations of what I meant by pity sales…Mind you I was not the only one who saw it this way. There are many others and they are still talking about it and researching your background to make sure this isnt a scam.

Subtle as a brick huh? *g*

If you have proof of the posts I made in other loops please show me, I would like to see that. If they are there I know for a fact that they were put there by both RD and AJ..so they can feel free to challenge me at any time. And they can also explain to our publisher why they took it out of a loop that was confidential. {K: Do these people never learn, nothing on a public forum is ever private, dammit!}

I only heard through the grapevine that there were authors taking donations for you. So therefore I didn’t have the entire story. Your insults upon me are unprofessional as well. I never once attacked you on a personal level. I don’t expect that from you towards me. You have no clue who I really am and I am sure that if you did you would never attack me in this manner. {K: Anybody want to take that bet?}

To threaten that if I don’t apologize to you, your authors or the loop I am in, within a certain amount of time, by airing my posts on a blog, again will not bother me, and if you mean karen’s blog where they actually didn’t have anything nice to say about you not too long ago then I have no worries.

Hey, I’m special, she mentioned me by name, wake up Mr West!

Besides, Teresa Jacobs, former owner of Mardi Gras Publishing had green eyes back then and blamed me for the demise of her business and did everything she could to bring me down…”vengeance is karma” she said and it came around and bit her in the ass because I am still standing and very successful.

Teresa Jacobs had green eyes? Oh I get it, she means she was jealous of her. Dammit, that nearly tripped me up.

No one in that blog knew who I was until Teresa began to flame me. Everyone who knew her knew she was a liar and didn’t believe a word of it and I had a huge support system of people behind me because of that including e-publishers and NYC and still do and that list includes the authors who were with me at MGP who knew the truth.

Needless to say we all finally stopped Teresa from ever becoming published or opening up another scam operation. Thousands of people were around when Karen was trashing my good name {K: What?}…but did it effect me? Not in the least. I have no real use for blogs and don’t bother reading them. People make fun of others everyday it just goes to show you how stupid they really are.

God I’m exhausted.

I never had anything to do with MGP except as an author which was my biggest mistake. Not only was Teresa inexperienced in the publishing industry, but was highly jealous of our success so she did what she could to ruin it including doctoring my flawless manuscripts making me look like a real ass {K:*snicker*}…but it didn’t, it made us more popular and readers came out of the woodwork that we haven’t seen since the release of our first e-book several years back. It really doesn’t matter what people say about me in blogs. It just shows their ignorance and makes me shine…so if they want to post, knock themselves out. Where I am right now in my career won’t affect a thing.

She still has a career? Dude, who gave her a contract?

I literally had to open up a private yahoo group for the authors of MGP ( We still have it) to keep issues away from Teresa and that’s what pissed her off. She wasn’t MIA, she was stealing our royalties and knew everything that was going on. She claimed her two computers crashed..they didn’t and she had another working one in the house. She ran out of money.

Crap, when did we switch topics?

I made the same assumption with all the publishers that were closing this year alone so I’d hope you would understand the nature of my concerns yet once more for a publisher suddenly closing up shop. But I commend you for your bravery and the way in which you are doing this.

I smell back-tracking.

So you see why I felt this way about the situation. I was wrong in doing so and for that I will apologize, I never should have judged, but to apologize for my own personal opinion I will not. What I said was not a blatant attack on you, your company, or your authors, nor did it effect the closing of your company or the reputations of your authors. (I know some of your authors)…it was merely my own personal opinion which is exactly what your attorneys will explain to you. My opinions came after the fact…when it was announced that the company was suddenly closing. And for that I cannot be held responsible for.

Damn this conversation is confusing. Anybody figure out where Mrs Giggles is yet?

I do not wish you anything bad at all nor would I ever wish such a disease upon anyone. Things were said through the grapevine and you should know how they end up. If you want to accuse me of anything then accuse me of being compassionate because if this makes it into blogs, those posts will be placed in them for all to view and readers will make their own assumptions and read your accusations towards me as well. They will also read and see that I meant no harm and again, it was just my own personal opinion.

If you are so unsure about what I actually said, ask RD and AJ to show you the full emails I sent them so you will finally have some clarity on this issue and cease and desist any further harrassment, libel and defamation on my person, my co-author, publisher or career.

Defamation and libel? That’s heavy. *g*

It has already discontinued in our loop and only a few posted about it including my publisher.

Again I am sorry for your suffering. I would like to put this behind us and would like to stop my attorneys from filing against you. It just isn’t right, and I don’t feel it is something I wish to do, but if my career is threatened I have no choice. I don’t take kindly to idle threats.

She doesn’t take kindly to idle threats huh? I wonder if she ever goes back and reads what she writes? *g*

I don’t think with the way you are feeling right now, that you need to have one more issue to take care of while you are in treatments do you? Unlike some people I can afford to pay lawyers if I need to. And I can drag on a case for years. {she can drag on an e-mail too by the looks of things}

I hope you get through this, I honestly do. Your company has a future in the e-book world and you should find a way to keep it going. Not many publishers will publish outside the box and you offer those authors a place for their books. Surely your EIC can run things temporarily? Is there anyway you can continue to keep it open and have your authors hold off on the sales for a while, and possibly sell what they do have published with other houses until you are back on your feet? They seem loyal…it’s worth a shot.

Hey, is it me, or has the tone of the e-mail totally changed? Talk about doing a 360. She even confuses herself it seems.

I do wish you all the best and a speedy recovery…Chin up, take care, you will get through this God is with you. And I too will pray for you. If you want to chat I am here. You may find Ii am not the wicked witch of the west after all. As I am sure that you also are not.

Lone Huntress, Beyond the Looking Glass,
Management Training,Librarians Dont Get Married
Amelia, No More Roses for Lily, Poseidon’s Passion
www.Extasybooks.com…myspace.com/pattipaige {K:Wait a minute, she’s published by Extasy? Are they nuts?}

Bloody hell, that woman can rabbit on can’t she?

Anyway, Debra’s reply coming up:

MY (Debra) REPLY

I believe Ms. Page, that some of what you said was in an author loop, and some of it was said in private emails, so no there isnt anything illegal in anything. You posted on a loop, that makes it fodder for everyone that can get ahold of it.

Second, I do not know who AJ Llwelyn is but I do know RD, and it was not RD that I received this information from. In actuality, I received several emails forwarded to me from people I do not even know. {K: Funny how that happens, isn’t it?}

So because you have had three famil members stricken with cancer and you were a glorified secretary in an oncology office, that makes you a doctor now does it? Maybe you can come to Texas and cure me of cancer…Amen and Hallelujah sister.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a waste of energy?

As far as personal attacks…what exactly do you consider what you said about me and my company? One you offered an opinion as an ‘expert’ on a situation you one dont know anything about, and two you made statements that not only made me look bad, but made my company look bad. If my company didnt have an outstanding reputation and if it wasnt as upstanding as it was, you could have affectively ruined my authors chances anywhere else. I have the posts you wrote, I have the personal emails you sent. Yes I have also spoken to my lawyer so I know exactly what I am talking about thank you.

Nor did I blackmail you in any way. I said, you owe me and my authors an apology and I will do what is necessary to receive it. Nor did I make personal threats to your co writer, basically what I said was I am sure that your co writer will once again appreciate you running at the mouth and spouting out your ass. I am sure that is good for his career.

I’ll say it again, somebody gave Patti a contract?

And yes, I will notify your publisher if necessary, as is my right, considering you did some of this on their loop. You never mentioned my name? You didnt have to, you talked of my company, that includes me as the owner. You tried not only to make me and my company look bad, you made it look as if I was lying and trying to scam my customers. If your lawyer didnt tell you that sweetie, then you need a better lawyer.

All you did really Patti was make yourself look like an ass. For the simple reason that I do have a good reputation and so does my company. Not only that, but everyone remembers the ass you made of yourself last year.

We do remember, yes, but didn’t we pretty much decide she was cuckoo?

Also, I never made a post on coffeetime, nor have I ever. I have never even been in one of their chats. So I am not sure what exactly you are talking about here. Whatever post you are referring to was put up by someone other than me. DEP ended their relationship with CoffeeTime Romance months ago.

It may have been your personal opinion but you posted it in a public place as an ‘expert’ remember? Your opinion was that I was a liar and trying to scam people for more money before I closed. That makes it defamation of character unless you can prove that what you said is true.

Really, does anybody believe that Patti understands the written word? She can barely spell her own name.

Not only that, I highly doubt that any court is going to take you or your charges against me seriously considering the mess you made of yourself last year on your own blog and others.

Which by the way can be entered into evidence. Seriously Patti, you need a better lawyer.

After all that, I am surprised Extasy Books took you, I had more respect for them and expected better. Guess which company my book dollars will NOT be going to again?

Yes, I’m damned surprised that Extasy books took her too. What the f*ck were they smoking?

You proved yourself last year to be a liar and in need of some serious mental health help. My OPINION has not changed in the least since then, after all this.

You seriously did not think I actually expected to get an apology…people like you never do. You want to spout off about things you know nothing about, but hide behind others when your called on it. But that is ok Patti, because I know what people think of you and about you, especially after what you spouted about me and my company. The only damage you truly did was to yourself. You have a tendancy to do more damage to yourself than anyone else can do, and you keep proving it time and time again.

You think the sun’ll come out tomorrow? Just wondering…

See the problem with voicing your opinion in the manner you did, is that when a person and/or company has an impeccable reputation people pay attention. That reputation is something I have worked very hard at, the loyalty I have from my authors, I have worked my ass off for. So in trying to pick on me in the guise of ‘voicing your opinion’ you have only made yourself look bad. That on top of the reputation you earned yourself last year makes you look even worse.

Quit while your ahead sweetie, because you are only continuing the notion that you are a nutcase in serious need of an asylum.

Debra Durham
Dark Eden Press

“Quit whilst you’re ahead”? Shouldn’t that be quit whilst you’re behind

Anyway, nothing like a bit of girl on girl drama to get the juices flowing, but seeing as I only understood about fifty per cent of the conversation, I’m pretty sure I missed out on some good juice. *g*

How are you guys holding up?

Thanks to you-know-who for the e-mail.


  • laura
    March 30
    1:28 am

    I almost never comment on blogs, because I feel like I don’t communicate very well via the written word.

    But I’m sitting here reading, and thinking “these women are published authors?” (That’s after the initial “sweet baby batshit Jesus!”)


  • but web designers work in an entirely different field from programmers. In order for a web master to implement such a program, then a programmer must first make the program real.

    WTF? Um no it is called finding a web designer and paying them properly. That is all you need. Smart web designer and the money to pay them to properly create a web site that works.

    Been that way for years now. No magic voodoo involved.


  • Tracy
    March 30
    4:27 am

    Paula, my comment had nothing to do with trashing or not trashing things. I didn’t say a word about that. I was just pointing out that what you said about copyright has nothing to do with privacy. That’s all. Don’t get me involved in something I didn’t say.

    Seressia~go ahead and sue me for all I’m worth! I’ve been a stay at home mom for 8 years and we’ve been living off my hubby’s income alone all that time. You won’t get much šŸ˜‰ (‘cuz he don’t make much! LOL)


  • Ann Bruce, it is something ingrained in their brain, but web designers work in an entirely different field from programmers. In order for a web master to implement such a program, then a programmer must first make the program real.

    Ms. Calloway, I don’t know where you’re getting your info, but as a programmer AND a web designer, I can tell you usability has nothing to do with programming. If anything, the latest and greatest gadgets and programs today have DECREASED usability. When it comes to web usability, less is more and simple is better.


  • Is English your second language?

    Ms. Mantooth, I agree Ms. Calloway’s comments are a little confusing, but that was uncalled for.

    Ann Bruce, someone for whom English is a THIRD language


  • Dorothy Mantooth
    March 30
    10:38 am

    Ann Bruce, I’m sorry if my comment offended you but honestly don’t understand why it would. I’m asking Ms. Calloway if English is her native tongue because she seems incapable of being coherent in it. That’s a reflection of her own inability and not a blanket statement that anyone for whom English is a second or third language would be incoherent in it as well. Some people are better with foreign languages than others; I was asking an honest question.

    If I ask my blonde friend if she is a slut, that doesn’t mean I’m automatically implying that all blonde women are sluts.


  • *wincing a bit as I step in the way of the oncoming train*

    Ms Mantooth, I have to say that while I didn’t mention it myself first, my reaction to the language question was the same as Ann Bruce’s. English is not my first language either, and I certainly think that the inability to express oneself clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with whether one is using a first or second or third language.

    I believe we have seen more than enough incoherent rants by native English speakers online to have made that rather glaringly evident.


  • Dorothy Mantooth
    March 30
    12:53 pm

    No train, Azteclady, at least not on my end. I genuinely don’t see where the offense is, but the comment I made wasn’t aimed at myself either, so my feelings about it are unimportant.

    If you guys found it offensive, I do honestly and seriously apologize. It certainly was not meant as a slur on those who speak more than one language or to imply that all people for whom English is a second or third language cannot speak it properly.


  • MissKitty
    March 30
    2:39 pm

    Thank you very much. Your considerate thoughts, concerning our sensitive feelings as non-native English speakers are highly appreciated.

    Concerning this discussion:
    Now that DEP is one day away from closing its doors, I can only add one thing.

    Seeing how the closing of the business was handled by Mrs. Durham and having proof (or the lack thereof) of the value of Mrs. “I was a secretary, I can cure cancer” words.

    Some may have seen this as a catfight, but one of the participants leaves the field as a classy lady and the other leaves it as… well… Patti Rebman aka AP Miller


  • Nora Roberts
    March 30
    3:19 pm

    MissKitty, I agree with you. Do I think Durham should’ve stepped back and ignored Rebman? Probably. But I also imagine I’d’ve had a hard time doing so in her circumstances–her illness, the closing of her company–then being questioned like this, having her personal difficulties speculated on while she attempted to handle things as openly and fairly as possible.

    My personal take is that Rebman behaved badly, and Durham reacted.


  • Darleen Cross
    March 30
    4:48 pm

    It’s been rather interesting witnessing how vicious it gets in here, and just how quick someone can turn into hamburger. As a reader, it makes me wonder, just how do some of you treat your readers…

    Go ahead, chew me up. Iā€™m just a reader. šŸ™‚


  • SHayne
    March 30
    5:03 pm


    Somewhere in there the participants weren’t the only ones to look bad. I almost forgot people like Darleen Cross are around, watching it all. Warms my heart.


  • As a reader, it makes me wonder, just how do some of you treat your readers…

    Is this addressed to anybody specifically Darleen?


  • Darleen Cross
    March 31
    1:20 am

    Nope. Just a generalized statement.


  • Whacky Author
    April 1
    7:10 am

    Far as I know, eXtasy readers are treated with courtesy and the support staff is extremely helpful. If a buyer has lost his or her files, the staff is prepared to send replacement files, as I’m told by the EIC.


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