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Oooh I Like This…

Sunday, March 30, 2008
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I got this from the C’um Hither Global blog. Feel free to use it. It’s almost pointless putting it on my blog because I never bought from them in the first place, but if it persuades a few people to stop buying their stuff, then I’m all for it.

Ellen sent me a link to a page at New Concepts Publishing, where they are selling the books that they originally took off the website just to spite her. They are now selling them less 20%.

What must be a little annoying for Ellen Ashe is that the books have no cover, and the author’s name is absent. So yeah, no attribution, until you click on the ‘Buy’ link. How it must have pained them to have to include her name at all.

Could Madris DePasture be any more petty and vindictive? What a nutter.

If the NCP ship sinks, she wont be able to blame anybody but herself, although I suspect, she’ll try very hard to blame everybody, but herself.

Hopefully nobody buys the books at NCP. Ellen has been trying to sell them herself, since NCP removed them from the website out of sheer bloody-mindedness. I would strongly recommend that anybody interested in Ellen’s books, buy them from her directly. I wouldn’t trust those crazies at NCP as far as I could throw them.

Hopefully authors who are coming to the end of their contracts will have enough brain cells to not renew, because I can only see this ending one way.

Doesn’t Gail Northman from the now defunct Triskelion seem pretty lucid these days in comparison to Madris DePasture? *Shudder*

Number one on the Billboard charts eh? I hear that’s harder to get into than a nun’s knickers.

I knew she’d make it worldwide, she’s got a great set of pipes, and she doesn’t look bad either.

Mind you, she got a spot on Oprah, that just about guaranteed her number one chart position.

Go on girl!!!