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Ellen sent me a link to a page at New Concepts Publishing, where they are selling the books that they originally took off the website just to spite her. They are now selling them less 20%.

What must be a little annoying for Ellen Ashe is that the books have no cover, and the author’s name is absent. So yeah, no attribution, until you click on the ‘Buy’ link. How it must have pained them to have to include her name at all.

Could Madris DePasture be any more petty and vindictive? What a nutter.

If the NCP ship sinks, she wont be able to blame anybody but herself, although I suspect, she’ll try very hard to blame everybody, but herself.

Hopefully nobody buys the books at NCP. Ellen has been trying to sell them herself, since NCP removed them from the website out of sheer bloody-mindedness. I would strongly recommend that anybody interested in Ellen’s books, buy them from her directly. I wouldn’t trust those crazies at NCP as far as I could throw them.

Hopefully authors who are coming to the end of their contracts will have enough brain cells to not renew, because I can only see this ending one way.

Doesn’t Gail Northman from the now defunct Triskelion seem pretty lucid these days in comparison to Madris DePasture? *Shudder*


  • Seeing that earlier this month I was a screaming “liar” about NCP tactics towards authors it amazes me why they’re listing my faceless books at all- and I am well off the author listing- thank God for small mercies.

    I might also add here this Last Chance Page- that came into creation around the same time my lawyer sent the first letter asking for all these books back after being “streamlined”.

    Yet the visit to the lawyer wasn’t in vain. The NCP contract I signed gives them the right to sell my books until contract end- nothing I can do about that if they won’t return the rights before contracts end- BUT they do not have EXCLUSIVE rights to those books. I can and am selling them myself. At a far better price.

    The years with this publishing house has been a sickening ordeal. Please don’t make the same mistake and PLEASE don’t buy my books there.

    They are holding my books hostage and dangling all five in front of me. My hard work deserves so much better.


  • MB (Leah)
    March 30
    2:21 pm

    Just one question because I have absolutely no idea how this all works, but does buying from Ellen Ashe directly mean that that is one less book of hers that can be sold through NCP?


  • No Leah, they can sell my book but so can I. Buying through me cuts out the snarling middle man.

    Most epubs ask in their contracts for EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS to a manuscript. It wasn’t included in NCP’s contract. Thus my ability to sell them myself.


  • Nora Roberts
    March 30
    2:36 pm

    I’m no longer surprised by anything this publisher will do.


  • Hey, thanks for the link! I am now off the “authors” list too! (Even though one book is still for sale.)


  • Ellen,

    I can’t believe they are so unprofessional as to do this to you. I have a hard time with the fact that this whole thing is legal.

    It’s bad enough to remove them from sale and refuse to give you your rights back, but this is…

    I just don’t have words for it.


  • What jackasses this outfit is. I have joined the NCP boycott.


  • Maddie
    March 30
    6:56 pm

    Should I as a customer, inform NCP that they no longer have by business, because of their very very unprofessional behavior.

    Why on earth would any one want to throw gas on a fire that is already out of conrol?


  • SHayne
    March 30
    7:46 pm

    Robin and CJ,

    What were your sales like from NCP? I’m rather curious if you don’t mind my asking.


  • That just sucks.


  • Grrrly
    March 30
    8:24 pm

    no. fucking. way.
    those are some big brass ones madris has got there.


  • Hi Shayne,

    My first book with NCP didn’t sell that well, and the company was fairly new then, but when I participated in an anthology with 3 other authors, the sales were pretty good. (of course royalties were split between all 4 of us) “Shifters” was released in print at the same time as the ebook, because NCP believed we could sell enough to earn RWA recognition (for sales of trade paperbacks). And we did. (But that’s another story.) When I started writing sweet and inspies, I stopped submitting there because they had started to lean toward the spicy and erotic romances.


  • Oh, that just sucks, Ellen.


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