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Yet another Madris DePasture tirade to her authors.

You’d think she’d make up her mind one way or the other on the subject of editing:

The question of editing continues to surface. We EDIT the books. We Have ALWAYS edited the books. We will ALWAYS edit the books. The COMPANY’S reputation is based on the quality of books that we release And we are just as careful in guarding–make that MORE careful in Guarding the reputation of this company than many of the authors who Write for this company.

In the simplest terms, we do not ACCEPT books for publication unless We deem them to be an asset to this company to begin with. Once we Have accepted a book for publication, it becomes the company’s Decision when the book has been edited sufficiently to be deemed Worthy, by this company, of publication.

It is the author’s responsibility to submit to the company their Product already polished and edited to the best of their ability. We Do not teach writing at NCP. We do not accept books for publication That are not already deemed publishable. Authors seeking critiquing Services should do so before they submit the final product.

So basically, authors have to make sure they do their own editing, even though she says that NCP have always edited their books.

Yep, clear as mud.

Thanks to you-know-who for the heads up.

Question No. 10078…

Sunday, April 6, 2008
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How come having your bikini area waxed, always hurts more than any other? I’ve been having bikini waxes every two months for the last ten years, and it still hurts the same as it did the first time. Big. Effing. Sigh.