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Question No. 10078…

Sunday, April 6, 2008
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How come having your bikini area waxed, always hurts more than any other? I’ve been having bikini waxes every two months for the last ten years, and it still hurts the same as it did the first time. Big. Effing. Sigh.


  • OUCH!!!


  • I think it’s because the hair down there is generally thicker and more course than anywhere else on a person’s body so it’s going to hurt more. I know I can’t take it which is why I just use Nair.


  • Well, I guess I can cross that off my list of things to do this week. Ten years? You’re brave. I draw the line there. Eyebrows only, thankyouverymuch.


  • Indida
    April 6
    5:17 pm

    I use a numbing cream beforehand. Learned that trick from a friend a few years ago. Give it a try. It’s a bit weird at first but you get used to it.


  • Think that’s bad? Eight-year-olds are getting bikini waxes these days. Just to be clear, there’s no hair down there. They’re waxing skin. And the mothers are also taking their kids in for botox injections or paying for boob jobs for sweet sixteen. No. Just no. That’s all I can say.



  • The skin down there is more sensitive.

    But I have three words for you: laser hair removal.

    There is technology available now that works on skin with dark pigmentation.


  • MissKitty
    April 6
    11:46 pm

    Honestly, being masochistic is good and well….
    in the right surrounding.



  • My aesthetician says it hurts so damn much because 1) you’re sensitive there and 2) the hair is thicker. But, she says, over time, it should stop hurting as much because some of the hair should stop growing back (this is reason #1 why teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to pluck their eyebrows. Nobody wants to be stuck with the eyebrows their 16-year old self thought were “classy” for the rest of their lives).

    But, despite everything my aesthetician says, it still hurts like a mofo.


  • Kat
    April 7
    7:00 am

    I tried laser on my underarms (which is usually practically painless when being waxed) and it hurt so much, I nearly cried, so I’m not even going to try my bikini line.


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