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Living In Timbuktu…

Saturday, April 19, 2008
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Wow, I only just realized that the Romantic Times convention has been going on this week.

Is it me or has there not been much buzz about it this year?


  • I haven’t seen as much buzz about it as usual, no.


  • I’ve read several blogs of authors talking about this convention and their past experiences. Just doesn’t sound like the kind where everybody wears funny hats, gets drunk and sleeps with someone they give their best friend’s name to. So exactly what do they do for fun there?



  • There’s not a whole lot buzz about it this year. I know a few authors who went but not as many as in years past.


  • Throwmearope
    April 19
    9:39 pm

    Capo–see Smart Bitches for a recap. Sounds like they get groped by hunks a’ hunks of burning love–romance cover models.

    I think the lack of buzz might be because it’s being held in Pittsburgh.


  • Actually, thinking about it, ISTR that RT upped the admission price this year. I know that a number of people who normally go at my writer’s community couldn’t because of the increased price. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?


  • Boy, I guess I’m in the minority cuz I was thinking there was MORE buzz this year.


  • F’ing Pittsburgh. (Sorry, I got lost in a semi in that town, which isn’t even built for cars)

    My editors are all there, and I expect a great deal of talk afterward, but lead-up buzz was nil. Just a “I’m off to RT tomorrow. Don’t send anything until Monday.” e-mail.


  • F’ing Pittsburgh. (Sorry, I got lost in a semi in that town, which isn’t even built for cars)

    Hey, what’s not to love about a city with many narrow one way streets all going in the direction opposite the place you need to be?

    The place has been packed all week. I think attendance was around 1,200.Someone at the booksigning said there were more authors at this signing than in years past.


  • Stella Price
    April 20
    3:30 pm

    I was scheduled to go, but didn’t because of the price. I know at least 20 authors and triple that in readers that didn’t go because of the price.small potatoes to who went but mark my words, that rift is going to get larger all the time.

    I have heard some updates from the few author friends that went and its nothing special or grand. Last year was good but seriously the cost kills you.

    I know several readers that save all year to do RT and they cant keep up with all the costs. I mean really, what does that exorbitant registration fee get you? the right to be there? Cuz RT isn’t paying for the welcome tote bags, the badges or the parties.

    Thats all done by authors, publishers and agency sponsors(and the $$$ to be part of the parties is insane also)so what does that registration fee get you. Its not a room, and if people say it’s the hotel… Lemme tell you RT boasts like 2500 people each year right? So if they have a minimum of 2500 people, and if the hotel costs them 500k for the week *it doesn’t* then at most registration should cost $250. Why the hell is it double that?

    It sucks, but I also figured out that for the amount of money I paid last year for RT I can do 4 cons next year, including DragonCon, so odds are I’ll make plans to do the 4 and get a little bit more exposure, and I’ll still save about 200$ all around.


  • I had considered going, but then I saw the cost. I still thought it might be worthwhile, but the more I heard from other authors and readers about what goes on there, I decided not to bother. Seriously…a party every night? I would much prefer a quiet cocktail reception where I can actually talk to my readers and not worry about what costume I’m going to be wearing, or who is sleeping with whom.

    I guess I’m jaded about conferences and conventions. I’ve always thought they were places to network, meet readers, spend time with editors/publishers/agents, and learn about the craft. I’ve never been good about learning much of anything when there’s liquor and debauchery to be had!

    *shrugs* Maybe I’m just getting old.


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