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I jest not.

All over one post that Jane wrote. A post that pointed out that perhaps Tess writing something as asinine as the following, wasn’t the brightest thing in the world to do:

Now, I’m not saying that Ms. MacGillivray wasn’t out of line here. But her major foolishness was that she got caught at it.

Well, Jane had a point methinks.

A commenter over at DA pretty much summed up the situation for me:

Tess’ opinion is fine, so is mine. I don’t get upset with any reviews, she gets upset with bad ones. Though fair warning that quite a few readers and authors tend to get just as pissy with authors who don’t know how to take reviews.

Right on.

Hopefully Gerritsen will get her Big Girl Knickers and put them on, because there are worse things in life than being criticised, especially when you inserted your own foot in your mouth in the first place.


Oh apparently her blog hiatus or whatever it was, didn’t last very long, she has another post up telling her readers that Dear Author are calling them ‘Flying Monkeys’, and urging her sainted followers to stop bashing in the comments section. Oh yeah, and she also thanks Nora Roberts for being supportive.

At this point, one commenter used the term flying monkeys, not Dear Author. She should at least get that right. But I guess she’s too busy crying in her cornflakes to at least check her facts.

If you guys don’t really believe that there’s a Reader v Author disconnect here in Blogland, well I just see this as further proof. Because unless you’re fawning over authors, deep down, a lot of them just aren’t that interested in hearing your opinion as a reader. I could name a few who belong in that bracket, but I just don’t have time for the drama or the RFGs.