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My pals over at C’um Hither Global have a poll up, and it’s up to you guys to decide who wins the coveted title of Romance World’s Controversy Queen of the Year 2008.

The options, along with the votes so far, are as follows:

Amazon Dot Com – Book seller 1 (3%)

Anne Rice – former erotica writer & outspoken Bill Clinton defender 1 (3%)

Cassie Edwards – author & rumored plagiarist 8 (25%)

EPIC – Electronically Published Internet Connection 2 (6%)

Madris DePasture – Publisher and President, New Concepts Publishing 7 (21%)

Some woman at the RT convention who reportedly ran around with cherries between her boobs 2 (6%)

The RWA – Romantic Writers of America 3 (9%)

Tina Engler/Tina Keen/Jaid Black – Author, publisher & wife of convicted murderer 7 (21%)

Dumbledore – former lover of Grindelwald 1 (3%)

I can’t believe they left out Deborah MacGillivray.

Anyway, it was a toss up between the crazy Madris DePasture, and Cassie Edwards. I had to go with Cassie Edwards, just because of the sheer amount of column inches that were used up, when the plagiarism story broke.

Who did you vote for, and why?