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My pals over at C’um Hither Global have a poll up, and it’s up to you guys to decide who wins the coveted title of Romance World’s Controversy Queen of the Year 2008.

The options, along with the votes so far, are as follows:

Amazon Dot Com – Book seller 1 (3%)

Anne Rice – former erotica writer & outspoken Bill Clinton defender 1 (3%)

Cassie Edwards – author & rumored plagiarist 8 (25%)

EPIC – Electronically Published Internet Connection 2 (6%)

Madris DePasture – Publisher and President, New Concepts Publishing 7 (21%)

Some woman at the RT convention who reportedly ran around with cherries between her boobs 2 (6%)

The RWA – Romantic Writers of America 3 (9%)

Tina Engler/Tina Keen/Jaid Black – Author, publisher & wife of convicted murderer 7 (21%)

Dumbledore – former lover of Grindelwald 1 (3%)

I can’t believe they left out Deborah MacGillivray.

Anyway, it was a toss up between the crazy Madris DePasture, and Cassie Edwards. I had to go with Cassie Edwards, just because of the sheer amount of column inches that were used up, when the plagiarism story broke.

Who did you vote for, and why?


  • Funny Poll. I too was surprised DAM was left out. Maybe there should be a write in campaign. *grin*


  • I added DAM in with Amazon, since that was how they started out.


  • Hey lovely Karen. Several of the original candidates were knocked off the final nominee list, including Deborah MacGillivray, Teresa Jacobs (Wayne), Rene Lyons, Piers Anthony, Brenna Lyons and everyone’s favorite lawsuit threatener, Patsy Rebman. We’d made the candidate list and then I sent the list to some of my work buddies and other friends to vote on and to narrow it down to six or seven names. The final nominees you see are the ones they decided most deserving to be on the poll 🙂

    Maybe we should award one of those knocked out of the final nomination list with a special Miss Congeniality-NOT prize? lol


  • already? don’t they want to wait until the fall? I’m sure that there will be plenty of crazy this summer.


  • Randi
    April 28
    7:42 pm

    Wait, wait! I voted for Cassie but then realized I didn’t know didly about some of the other options. Can we get a quick overview of the reasons for the nominees (like, what did Anne Rice do [this time]?)


  • Dear Goddess, the frightening thing is that I know WAY too much about each of these controversies. I wonder if I packed my rock already? Clearly it’s time for me to crawl back under it. Yeeesh!


  • This is of course personal Matter of Opinion, but having kept an eye on posts at her website there are some of us who get the distinct impression that Mrs. Rice hasn’t only forsaken talent to jump aboard the Jesus train, but also exchanged the obsession for fantasy vampires into a frothing passion for real bloodsuckers (politicians). And again personal opinion strictly, but I for one found her erotica much more appealing than her bitching against Bill Clinton’s naysayers.


  • Randi
    April 28
    8:39 pm


    I agree with you on the Jesus Train; but I don’t know about the talent; I haven’t read anything of hers in nearly a decade. I jumped off the Anne Rice train right when she combined the Mayfair and Vampire stories. I could give a rat’s ass about Lestat and she wasn’t writing about any of the others (like how about Gabrielle!!!) who I was more interested in. I did hear something to the effect that she believes she’s Lestat incarnated…or something like that? That Lestat resided in her…I don’t know. I think her husband’s death really affected her in a big way. Can I ask: What was the Bill Clinton rant?


  • Romance World’s Controversy Queen of the Year 2008

    waitWaitWAIT… it’s only the end of APRIL!! We still have 8 months of 2008 to go and a shitload (literally) of new Queen candidates can (and most likely WILL) appear during that time.

    This may need to be a quarterly contest. Hell, a MONTHLY contest. With the High Queen crowned at the end of the year.


  • Capo
    April 28
    10:40 pm

    Randi, I visited Rice’s site some minutes ago and its been revamped (excuse the pun) since my last time. However, she’s left up these pages, which contain transcripts from an alleged phone conversation. It may just be my opinion, but that she keeps these transcripts up clearly demonstrates the nature of her feelings toward those she feels have wanted to destroy the husband of her present candidate of choice:


    Her scathing views toward Gennifer Flowers and such certainly contradict this post she made only last year at a Christian blog:
    “I agree with the statement above, “Judge not, lest ye be judged,” as well as the sentiment expressed by Christ, “Let he who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” Let’s remember that politicians are people too, people who care enough to put themselves out there and to try to make a difference. Hillary Clinton has a great desire to try to make America a better place. For this she gets judged and criticized? Why don’t those who criticize run themselves and try to do better? Hillary’s Methodist Christianity has been the driving force in her life and her political views. Let us remember that God is not a Republican or a Democrat. He is above all of that!”


    Hypocrisy is never sexy.


  • Randi Thompson
    April 29
    4:12 am

    Capo: ah! Thanks for the links. That was like a jaunt down memory lane; both for the Gennifer Flowers mention and the Pandora release.


  • I think I have to go for Cassie, for similar reasons.


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