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Tycoon’s One-Night Revenge by Bronwyn Jameson

This Silhouette Desire novel was my introduction to Ms Jameson’s work. After reading the back blurb, I was a bit leery, since amnesia is one of those plot devices that tend to get on my nerves rather quick. After researching a bit (of the “reading reviews online” variety), I decided to give it a try. I’m happy to report that I don’t regret it at all.

Here’s the somewhat-accurate back cover blurb:

Revenge at last
Amnesia had stolen millionaire businessman Donovan Keane’s memory. But one look at treacherous beauty Susannah Horton, and Van could picture every delicious detail of the weekend they’d spent in his bed. She’d staged their affair to ruin an important deal—a deal about to go to her fiancé. Not that Van would let that happen. During one hot night, he’d destroy her engagement, take back the deal and walk away with all the memories he’d need. Good thing, because he’d never be able to get her out of his mind.
The tycoon was vengeance-bound… but the beauty in question was truly innocent.

As far as I can tell, this tycoon wasn’t looking for revenge, but then neither had he lost all his memory… Ah well, I really should stop looking at these things. Here’s the skinny according to moi:

Donovan Keane is the victim of a vicious attack by muggers, which results in injuries serious enough to land him in the hospital for months. After waking up from a short coma, he realizes that he also is missing most of his memories from the days before the attack. Not long after that, he is informed that a major deal he was working on during those missing days has fallen through, and in a rather puzzling manner. Around the same time, he learns something completely unexpected about his own past, which prompts him to try to recreate those missing days. (more…)

(nota bene: As I said yesterday, this is the very first time I attempt interviewing anyone, please be kind, okay? Thanks!)

Shiloh, thank you so much for agreeing to be my guinea pig… erm, for being with us today. You have a new book, Through the Veil, coming out next Tuesday from Berkley Sensation, and I’m going to ask all sorts of questions about it later on, but first I’d like to be nosy about other things, if you don’t mind?

😀 As long as you don’t ask about my sex life, how much money I make…. Fire away, Aztec.

Although it may seem a bit too coincidental to ask this now, it’s something I’ve been long curious about… How did you come to choose your nom du plume?

Well, it’s Scottish and I love anything Irish, Scottish, Celtic… I don’t know why but when I was trying to pick a name out, Walker just sort of jumped into my mind. Then I needed to find a first name. I’d see Cheyenne McCray’s books on EC, and I loved the feel of her name, so to speak, and was thinking of something with a similar feel, I guess. I was skimming the internet for something, I don’t even remember what, and SHILOH sort of jumped out at me. It was in reference to a church, a city, something, I can’t remember. Started thinking… SHILOH WALKER… huh, I like that.

So voilà…! Shiloh Walker was born.

You’ve said elsewhere that you don’t like having your picture taken and posted online. Would you give us the Cliff Notes of why this is so?


As my loyal readers will know, we did the Ferfelabat AKA Cindy Cruciger Pretends To Hate Karen Scott/Smart Bitches/Dear Author thing last summer. It was highly entertaining for me, and I’m sure it was for Cindy also.

I kindly gave her a way out, out of the teeny tiny hole she’d dug for herself, and we agreed, to stay out of each other’s part of the blogosphere, because even then, I knew that this was a relationship that was not meant to be. I did try telling Cindy that I just wasn’t into her that way, but alas, I fear I may have broken her tender heart by my rejection.

Well, Cindy stayed away from me for a while, then a few of months later, she lovingly decided to make fun of my inability to conceive children. She wrote:

Let’s check in, shall we? Earlier Karen Scott was having dreams about breaking every bone in a baby’s body. Last year we learned that she only has her period once every six months or so and, in addition to making it impossible for her to reproduce (a good thing given that she dreams about abusing babies), when it happens, it is apparently so profound that she requires tent sized undies to contain it.

Awww, her love really knows no bounds. What a darling, darling girl. Mind you, I suspect her friend Ann Vremont might have been a little in love with me also, seeing as she went one step further and produced a beautiful caricature of me with bloodied, dying babies. I must admit, I did question Dear Ann’s mental state, but I realised that this work of art stemmed from a desire to show me just how much she cared. Sweet, sweet girl.

Over the months, I’ve been alerted to various posts where Cindy’s been talking about me. The reverence with which she wrote these posts were truly touching. I think she called me evil a few times, but that was obviously just in jest.

I know that those posts came from a place of deep, deep love. She just wants me to acknowledge her, and I think she feels rejected when I take no notice of her. Ahhh, the misery of unrequited love and affection.

Anyway, I just received news via e-mail that proves her love beyond measure. I was so very moved. That wonderful woman has dedicated a whole post to me and my evil wonderful blogging style. Truly scrumptious. The post was so complimentary that I’ve decided to give her what she craves. I’ve decided to give her my undivided attention.

People, I hope you feel suitably sorry for me, because being me is bloody hard, especially when everybody wants me, as badly as Cindy Cruciger obviously does. What can I say, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

Anyway Cindy, bottoms up to you my lovely, and I hope that this dedication makes you feel all warm and toasty inside.

Hugs and Kisses

Your bezzie mate Karen Scott
Age 33 years old. xxxxx

From Anne at Let’s Gab, this just in:

The ladies are spotlighting Shiloh Walker‘s upcoming release of Through the Veil, and giving away two copies of the book to people who comment there over the week. You can read all about it here.

Ask Shiloh questions, post your opinions on her books, gush… and the more you participate, the more chances you have of getting your very own copy!

How cool is that?

So, go forth and chat with Shiloh today, and go back there tomorrow and Friday for more Through the Veil conversation.

Don’t forget to come back here tomorrow, though, for our very own interview with her 😀

(nota bene: this is the very first time I even attempt to interview anyone, so be gentle :puppy eyes: pretty please? Thank you kindly.)

Will you be going to see the movie? (warning: music on site)

I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to seeing this, ever since I heard they were making the movie.

Myself and my best gal friends had yet another Sex and The City fest earlier this month (we’ve had many of these). We watched the entire Season 6 DVD, to prepare us for the movie. It was like seeing old friends again.

Of course we went through the obligatory ‘Which SATC gal are you most like?’ I think I’m most like Miranda. Cutting, sarcastic, a tad bitchy, but very loyal. None of my friends owned up to being like Samantha, but we agreed that her *ahem* liberal attitude to sex was enviable. *g*

Which SATC gal are you most like?


a live interview, FOX Contributor Liz Trotta jokingly wished for the assassination of Sen. Barack Obama.

This latest incident from FOX News continues the trend in violent rhetoric about Sen. Obama from pundits, politicians, and entertainers.

Grinning While Joking About Killing A Candidate
The incident happen in an exchange with the FOX News anchor. When asked her opinion of the recent scandal surrounding some comments made by Sen. Hillary Clinton, which Trotta described by saying that, “some are reading [it] as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama.” Hemmer quickly corrected Trotta, having noticed that she had said “Osama” when she meant “Obama.” At this point, Trotta said, “Obama. Well…both if we could!” Trotta then laughed gleefully.

Not only does she refer to him as Osama, but she jokingly suggests that he be assassinated along with Bin Laden. Oh my word.

It’s bad enough that there is so much hate in the world, but to have to put up with this kind of blatantly racist and violent rhetoric from a news network, is beyond comprehension.

If a news anchor or anybody in any kind of official role had made those same remarks in Britain, they’d have to resign. No ifs, no buts. Thank God I live in England, that’s all I can say.

Thanks to Jane, for the Huffington Post link.

“Dinah McCall Is Kind Of A Bitch…”

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Posted in: Author Talk

I really do love these Author Talk interviews, Jill Monroe and Gena Showalter are just so funny.  Jill really should be on TV, she’s such a natural.  Anyway, here they are interviewing one of my ex-autobuys, Sharon Sala/Dinah McCall:

Sharon Sala looks well doesn’t she?

"Starting rumours have consequenses. All I said is to be an adult about it. All I did was point out that this thread is nothing more than gossip and hope for revenge..."

Remember my April 10th post, where I was sent an e-mail alleging that Kristi Studts, disgraced ex-owner of Triskelion Press may have opened up a new publishing company under the name of Mystic Moon Press?

Well, I had the CEO of Mystic Press over on the blog last night to set the record straight. The problem? She also sent across a number of her henchmen authors to tell me off for spreading scurrilous rumours. (Yes, I know we’ve been here before, but bear with me.)

Anyway, Ceo Jennifer Mitchell wrote:

Hello My name is Jennifer Mitchell, I am the CEO and owner of Mystic Moon Press.

All I can say is that Kristi has nothing to do with our company other then she is a cover artist. It saddens me to know that by hiring a cover artist who claims to be male and involved with a woman I have garnered bad press because of it.

Those that doubt please feel free to check out my personal writing webpage www.jenniferraemitchell.com

or by all means go to Writing.com which is where I got my start www.writing.com/author/gen13

both places have pictures of myself and my family and my book covers.

I originally started this company with a good friend of mine, who has passed away, her name was Keeley McGreggor, to help me run the company now is an author by the name of Kristina Chartrand.

I am offended that I have not had one query to the matter of the real identity of Magickal Media is to myself or Kristina, there is no fact to base this on other then that Kristi “Magickal Media” is a cover artist for me and my company. At this point without knowing the truth I will stand behind my employee, but if I do find out that I have been decieved then I will take the appropriate actions.

It saddens me that things in the E-publishing business have gotten a bad name. Mystic Moon Press, was a dream of my dear friend and one that I want to continue to share. We are small, new and family like. We endevour to treat our authors fairly and I will go to bat for any of them.

Thank you for your time.
Jennifer Mitchell
CEO of Mystic Moon Press, LLC

You’ll note Dear Readers, her use of the phrase “We are small, new, and family like”. This is a familiar refrain is it not?

Anyway, fair enough she wanted to set the record straight, but then Ana Star, one of the authors at MMP also posted:

Hi everyone,

My name is ana star and I’ve been a published author for almost a year with mystic moon press. I never had any problems what so ever with this company. Alot of the authors at mmp came from writing.com and some others came from other companies.

As I was reading the comments, there is absolutely no proof as to what you are accusing. Also I am not sure why this post is even here in the first place…sounds like rumours of people who have nothing else better to do than start bs.

Who ever this kristy is, she isnt in your life anymore so be a grown up and move on…

As for the covers, all covers of every company look alike. If you go to fictionwise, you have the largest example of similar covers. Everyone uses the same images and same programs to make them…

I have no doubt that Jennifer Mitchell put out a call to arms for her authors to come over and give the blogger what-for, for spreading malicious gossip, but as per usual, they’ve gone off the deep end without actually, A, doing any research of their own, and B, without taking the time to find out the kind of blog this is. Happy days for Karen.

Now, let me address that fucktard Ana Star.

Ana, you are indeed a fucktard. You know why? Because after all that’s happened with e-publisher after e-publisher imploding and screwing over their authors royally, you dare come on here and say “Who ever this kristy is, she isnt in your life anymore so be a grown up and move on…”

That statement, my dear friend, ensures that you wear the crown of Fucktard of The Week. You must be so proud.

This statement:

As I was reading the comments, there is absolutely no proof as to what you are accusing. Also I am not sure why this post is even here in the first place…sounds like rumours of people who have nothing else better to do than start bs.

Merely cements your fucktardly status.

I wouldn’t be so incredulous had she not admitted in a later post to having already been shafted and “taken advantage by a company who turned out to be fraudulent.”

Loyalty is an admirable trait. Blind loyalty such as the one that she displays, will no doubt ensure that she will be fucked over more than once, by her present/future e-publishers.

Anyway, somebody called Jim Richards, (another one of Dear Jen’s authors) also had his tuppence worth, but he stated his piece and nothing in his comment annoyed me. Although, if they ever go tits-up, you know I’ll be reposting his comments right?

Anyway, the original post was a ‘Rumour Has It’ post, with a request for more information. I suspect though that the authors didn’t bother reading it, and just launched straight into their staunch defence of Mystic Moon Press.

Will these people ever learn?

I was reading the I Love Harlequin Presents blog earlier today, when I came across this post on the quintessential Greek alpha heroes, and why readers love them.

Annie West, HQ Presents author, writes:

One of the things I’ve always loved about Harlequin Presents stories is that I can travel to exciting and glamorous locations all around the world, without leaving the comfort of my own home. In each country there are so many wonderful heroes, each one different, each one fascinating. I love them all: British and Brazilian, American and Italian, Spanish and Australian.

And of course, Greek. As a reader I automatically reach for titles that promise a passionate Greek hero. Recently I’ve found myself writing some of those stories too, and thinking about why they’re so attractive. Here are a few thoughts:

She then goes on to name the following attributes (I’ve paraphrased):

Their dark good looks. (K:Has she ever met a real live Greek man? They’re not really dark.

They’re usually wealthy (shipping magnates, and the likes) (K:*Headdesk*)

They all have a great sense of familial responsibility and enduring loyalty. (K:AKA Mummy’s boys, totally unable to function without help)

She then goes on to add:

Perhaps best of all, I know that when I pick up a Presents story no two Greek heroes will be the same.

Total bollocks. They are all much of the same muchness. The HP Greek hero ‘scowls’ constantly, they have a habit of ‘glancing coldly’ at the heroine. They also always seem to have icicles where their hearts should be, right up until the last couple of pages when they discover their undying love for the woman they’ve treated like shit for months. Actually, that kinda sounds like most HP books.

I’ve read these books, and even when I didn’t know any better, they still left me feeling angry and annoyed, because they mostly featured virgins who were treated like crap by the Greek hero, who felt it necessary to be as assholic as possible to the heroine because they either, A, believed her to be a gold-digging whore (even though it seemed beyond obvious that the heroine had no idea what her vagina is for), or B, because of some imagined slight to his masculinity.

Every now and again, the reader is also treated to a secret baby plot, and when the hero eventually finds out, he almost always proceeds to use the baby as a bargaining tool. Oh, and then there’s the ever popular marriage of convenience.

Don’t believe me? Well check out this blurb for a HP book called The Greek Tycoon’s Unexpected Wife

Stavros Denakis is furious when Tessa Marlowe turns up without warning. Weary and cynical through his experience with women, Stavros suspects the wife he hardly knows is a gold digger—surely she’s here to claim her share of the Denakis millions. But Tessa is a temptation that he can’t resist….

Bedded by her gorgeous Greek husband, Tessa realizes she has fallen in love with him, and longs for their marriage to become real. Only, Stavros, though he may be passionate in private, remains cold in public, and is determined they stay wedded only in name….

I still can’t believe that the author named the hero Stavros. That’s the equivalent of naming a Middle Eastern hero, Ali Baba.

Anyway, I can’t remember the name of the book, but I once read a Mills and Boon Modern Romance (HQ Presents to you Americans) where the heroine basically cried all the way through the story, because the hero was so damn cruel to her. I remember my young borderline-feminist senses going crazy at the hero’s treatment of the heroine.

Admittedly, it’s been well over a year, maybe even two, since I last read an HQ Presents book with a Greek millionaire hero, so things may have changed.

But judging from the above blurb, I seriously doubt that.

What do you guys find so appealing about The HQ Presents Greek Alpha Hero?

After an incident filled race, Lewis kept his head while all around him were losing theirs, and drove to victory in the Monaco Grand Prix, just like his idol, Ayrton Senna.

Well done Lewis!!

The second Dorothy Koomson book that I read this week was The Chocolate Run, and oh my, it was good. Actually, it was better than good, it was bloody fantastic.

Amber Salpone keeps ending up in bed with her best male friend, Greg, who by his own admission is a bit of a tart. The veritable ladies man, who’s never met a woman he didn’t want to have sex with.

When they first met, Amber was convinced he was an asshole, but little by little, they became the best of friends, and Amber became the person he rang whenever he found himself in a spot of bother. (usually when  trying to extricate himself from yet another clingy woman, who didn’t realise that all he wanted from them was sex.)

Greg was the quintessential womanising bastard who really shouldn’t have been likeable, but oh my, I loved him to bits.

Amber had never thought of Greg like that before they ended up in bed, but to her consternation, it was the best sex she’d ever had. After they’d done the deed (many times) they vow to never repeat the event, and pretend it never happened. The problem is, they just can’t keep their hands off each other.

They decide to keep getting horizontal (and vertical come to think of it), but Amber insists on keeping their nocturnal activites quiet from their best friends, Matt and Jen.  Jen is Amber’s best friend and Matt is Greg’s best friend.

Amber feels very guilty about keeping her friend in the dark about her fling with Greg,  but she doesn’t expect it to last beyond two weeks, so she launches herself into the affair, fully expecting the other shoe to fall at any time.

Amber is a commitment phobe who doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage, and she assumes that Greg feels exactly the same way. The problem is, Greg has secretly been in love with her for the last two years, and has been waiting for the perfect time to get his hands on her. Now that he’s got her, he wants to keep her, but he has to be underhanded about his intentions, because he knows that he’ll scare her if he makes any sudden moves towards making their relationship more permanent.

Whilst Amber struggles with her growing feelings for Greg, she’s conscious of the fact that there seems to be a gulf between her and her best friend, Jen. She feels guilty for not telling Jen about her affair with Greg, but she knows that it will cause friction between them if she does.

Amber wants to find a way back to her best friend, but fears that she may lose Greg in the process. What she doesn’t realise, is that there are secrets, that when revealed, will test the strength of all their relationships.

The Chocolate Run was one of those books that hooks you from the first page, and keeps a stranglehold until you finish. I started reading it at about twelve o’clock midnight (after another insanely busy day), and didn’t put it down until I’d finished.

Once again, as per all of Koomson’s books so far, The Chocolate Run is told from the heroine’s point of view. I enjoyed Amber’s thought processes immensely, and I loved the way she equated the people she met to different types of chocolate.

Oh, I may not have mentioned it, but Amber was a chocoholic. She had a habit of running to the supermarket (especially when going through stressful periods) and systematically looking for the perfect chocolate to buy at that moment.  This was generally done by conducting a highly scientific sniffing test. These moments were highly amusing.

One thing I loved about Amber was how humorous she was. I found myself laughing during her self-analysis phases, something that she went through quite often. She had a self-deprecating type of sense of humour, which appealed to me.

As for Greg, well I simply loved him. Yes he was a womanising swine, but this reader could see that Amber was his world. He realised that he’d have to work extra hard with Amber, seeing as she’d witnessed first hand the devastation he left behind after his affairs went sour, but he wanted to take that challenge, because for him, she was The One.

Greg was warm and humorous, but could also be madly jealous and clingy. I loved that this confident, notorious lothario could be brought down low, with just one thoughtless word from the heroine. I liked that he wasn’t as secure with her, as he was with other women. For me, it proved that she was special to him. What can I say, I love that dynamic in my romance.

One of the most moving moments was towards the end of the book, when he fears that he’s going to lose Amber and he begs her to stay with him. He cries in that scene, and oh my soft little heart really felt his pain.

The secondary characters in the book were also superbly written,  and none of them were surplus to requirement.

Something else I loved about the book, was the setting. The Chocolate Run was set in Leeds, and it was wonderful reading about places that I’m familiar with. For instance, I attended a graduation ball at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds many years ago, and myself and some friends got very drunk in Yates’s pub, whilst on a pub crawl. It gave me such a thrill to read about shopping on Albion Street, and walking into the Virgin music shop.

The Chocolate Run is at heart, a friends-to-lovers romance, but with so much more depth than your average traditional romance. It examines the vagaries of friendships, and how they evolve over time. It was an extremely smart, well-written, witty, deliciously poignant book, that both elevated my spirits, and sunk me low. I mostly laughed, then I cried, and then I laughed again.

Having read Koomson before, I was fearful that the book wouldn’t end the way I wanted it to, but luckily this time, I got my happy ending.

What more could this avid romance reader ask for?

You can read an excerpt of The Chocolate Run here, buy from Amazon.com here, and Amazon UK here.

BTW, how lovely is that cover?

You guys already know about my love affair with Koomson’s My Best Friend’s Girl, but what you don’t know is, how much I love her other books.

It’s been an insanely busy week (hence the lack of scheduled posts) but I still managed to fit in two DIK-worthy Dorothy Koomson books.

I’ve always maintained that I’m easy to please when it comes to books. (No, really, I am) I’m not someone who dwells on flaws when a book leaves me feeling fantastic. I’m not particularly pernickety when it comes to character inconsistencies, as long as the book made me happy. Sometimes endings are rushed and maybe aren’t as satisfactory as they could be, but I am mostly all about the pleasure gained during the reading of said book.

Well, I can safely say that the one thing that Dorothy Koomson has provided me with this week, is hours of reading pleasure.

In Marshmallows For Breakfast, our heroine, Kendra has just returned from Australia and needs somewhere to live. She rents a room from Kyle, a separated father of twins, Summer and Jaxon, and starts a new job. Kendra’s looking for peace in her life, having run away from a somewhat tragic situation in Australia.

The twins however have other ideas though, and invade Kendra’s life in every way possible. They love her because she lets them eat marshmallows for breakfast on Saturdays, and makes their world a little lighter and brighter than before. To them she represents security, something they’ve had very little of in their short lives.

Against her wishes, Kendra gets embroiled in the tapestry of their lives, and she soon finds herself mending broken hearts and tired minds.

Marshmallows For Breakfast was just a wonderful, wonderful book, that made me laugh and cry. Although told from a first person pov (Kendra’s), Koomson’s talent when it comes to breathing life into her characters is evident, even when viewed through the eyes of one person.

One of the most beautiful things about Marshmallows For Breakfast is the relationship between Kendra and the children, Kendra who wants nothing more than to get on with her new job, and avoid other people’s drama, falls in love with the twins, and does her best to give them the things they are missing, whilst trying to keep her heart intact. Something that she fails miserably at. She considers them her children, even though she knows full well, that there is a ticking clock on their makeshift family.

Kendra’s relationship with the twins’ father develops very slowly, but they have a connection that is undeniable. This isn’t a traditional romance, so if you purchase this book, you should do so knowing that there will be romance no-nos, that may leave you reeling. No I’m not talking about infidelity, but it’s important that you know that this isn’t a Mills and Boon book. There’s lots of pain, harrowing situations, and real life problems.

Marshmallows For Breakfast deals with a variety of familial ills, as well as what happens when you let secrets take over your life.

This was a grand, grand book, that probably shouldn’t be read by the romance purist.

You can visit Dorothy Koomson’s website here, read an excerpt here, and buy the book from Amazon UK here, or Amazon.com here.

Once again, note the subtlety of the cover.

Photo courtesy of Paul’s World

Premiership Champions And Champions League Winners 2007/2008 Season!!


Baby, I’m yours, by Karen Templeton

After much prodding and pushing, nagging and cajoling (because a lot of that is needed to get me to read a book, obviously *ahem*) I finally caved in and got this novel. It is the third installment in Ms Templeton’s Guys and Daughters miniseries (Dear Santa and Yours, Mine… or Ours? being the first two), and also the first book by her that I’ve read.

May I say how glad I am to have friends who will keep piling great book recommendations on me?

Here’s the blurb:

Baby, be mine!
Kevin Vaccaro just found out he was a father… of a five-month-old! He’d put up a hell of a fight to overcome his troubled past. That was nothing compared to the battle he was about to wage for his child’s future.
Julianne McCabe had no intention of giving up her sister’s child—the child she loved as her own—without a fight. Yet that was before Kevin started bonding with his daughter. Before he awoke feelings that made the grieving widow long to share more than late-night feedings. But was she ready to risk her heart again to be the wife Kevin needed? To become the family they both wanted?
Guys and daughters—they’re the first men in their daughters’ lives—but they won’t be the last!

This is a Silhouette Special Edition romance novel; the story is much better than the blurb suggests (but then, what else is new?). Seriously though, while there are some widely used staples of the romance genre here, such as the grieving widow, the surprise baby, the was-good-for-nothing-turned-good hero, the meddling parent. The difference between other novels and this one is all in the execution, as is most often the case with good writing, regardless of genre.

This novel is barely 210 pages, with great pacing up until almost the very end. The plot is actually quite straightforward, with no major dramatic twists. There’s no chase, criminal conspiracy, blood, what have you—this book is about people finding themselves and each other, and as such, it’s completely character driven. (more…)

A cyber pal pointed me in the direction of QB’s blog, where she’s got some interesting excerpts from Laurell k Hamilton’s blog.

There are a few tidbits to choose from, but I was most interested in the ones that talk about her and Jon’s hankering for a third person to join them.

LKH Blog- Sunday April 27, 2008

More irony; two of my male friends that are straight and one of female friends that is gay all have absolutely no gag reflex. Now how unfair is that? The rest of us that could use this talent must struggle on, and learn to work around our deficiencies.

Now, if I could just figure out a polite way to ask my three friends with no gag reflex what little misery they’ve got instead, I’d really know if the universe was fair. But some questions are not meant to be asked even between close friends. Not unless liquor is involved, and alas, I do not drink.

I’m trying to get rid of the image of LKH and Jon, humping some random unknown. Talk about life imitating art huh?

LKH Blog – Monday, May 5, 2008
Domestically Challenged

But it is one of those days when I think longingly of having one extra more practical person in the house, but let’s face it, even if Jon and I could find a third adult that we wanted to cohabitate with, we’d never be attracted to someone organized and practical. When we were both dating, our choices ran high to artist, techies, writers, and scientiests. None of these jobs, or degrees are likely to net you an organized mate.

Her and Jon also do interesting things with candlesticks, but you’ll have to pop over to QB’s blog to learn more.

I have to say, I was more amused than surprised at the personal nature of LKH’s blog posts. She obviously doesn’t care about people knowing what she does in private.

Do you remember this daft bird? Yeah, the one who A, couldn’t actually string two coherent sentences together, and B, couldn’t take criticism worth a damn, even though she asked for the critique in the first place.

Well, she’s threatening to sue me. Hey, it has to happen at least once a month, right? Anyway, apparently somebody released her from her straitjacket long enough for her to find a keyboard, and threaten me with legal action.

Okay, so now i am the butt of your joke. I take it then karen you’re another one who has not read my book yet? Question. Why is it you have chosen to be foul mouth about me in public? Can’t you do this in private like it was later stated in one the critiques comments had suggested. I will say this about your “so Called Mrs. Giggles” comments.

So I guess she’d prefer me to be ‘foulmouth about her’  in private? *g*

I think you ought to grow up and stop acting like a child, if you carry on like this there will be a law suit against you. I am one who does take critisim very well but having a person like yourself publicly trying to ridicule me is another thing entirely. Be sure to NOTE THIS YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER IF YOU GO ANY FURTHER WITH THIS NONE SENSE.

I wonder how old she is? I’d be surprised if she was over ten years old. She doesn’t seem very self-aware does she?  Hey, at least she spelt ‘lawyer’ correctly, right? That’s impressive, surely?

Anyway, she’s also quite keen to sue Capo, from C’um Hither Global:

Capo Have you had permission from Myself (Lisa Charlton) to any of the work i have done? Answer is that NO you haven’t. I am suing you for copy right theft.


Lisa Charlton

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I Feel Like My Heart Is Breaking…

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Posted in: China Earthquake

I came across these photographs of the earthquake in Sichuan on Monica’s blog. I cried for a long time after seeing the pain and suffering that the people of China are enduring right now.

Somehow, I think I actually forgot that children would be amongst the casualties. How could I forget that babies and small children would also be amongst the dead? How could I?

The images are graphic and heart-wrenching, but I think they should be seen, so I wont be hiding them under a cut.

I thought I was adequately sympathetic to these people’s plight. I was wrong. The photographs are stark, but they serve to demonstrate the levels of real human suffering going on in a not-too-distant part of our planet right now.

The tapestry of these people’s lives are changed forever. And the loss and the devastation will be like a scar on their souls. If there’s such a thing as a god, why would he let this happen to his people?

I have to do something now. I have to help. I want to help.

Updated to add:

Here are a couple of links kindly provided by Laura Vivanco for anybody who wants to make a charitable donation:

UK Red Cross’ China Earthquake Appeal.

The US Red Cross is also collecting donations.

Oxfam UK’s also got a China Earthquake Appeal.

Diana Debalko from Siren Publishing, posted the following, in order to set the record straight, referencing my last Ocean’s Mist post, that alleged that Noemi (the morally bankrupt publisher/shyster) had gotten a contract with Siren.

Hello, We want to set the record straight with regards to Essence. Essence does not write for Siren Publishing. We dropped her on March 25th once we discovered she faked her legal name in her signed contracts. Rest assured, we do not support misconduct in this industry where we value our authors and our readers. Sincerely, Diana DeBalko (aka Amanda Hilton), Publisher, Siren-BookStrand, Inc., www.sirenbookstrand.com

She faked her name on a legal document? Wow.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Loose Id follow suit. If she lied to Siren, what was to stop her from lying to LI?

Sometimes karma really is a bitch.

Over at the SB’s blog, Sarah has a post up, entitled, ‘Erotica Writer Zane: I’m Facing Discrimination.

Sarah writes:

Thanks to the multiple Bitchery readers who forwarded this over. Erotica author and editor Zane emailed a DC-area email loop the following account of how her latest book is facing an uphill battle in terms of finding places in which to advertise. Why? Because it’s Black erotica? Nope. Because it’s gay. Specifically, according to Zane’s email, lesbian erotica.

SB Sarah also posted the contents of the e-mail.

Now normally I’d be sympathetic, because discrimination of any kind is hard to bear, but on this occasion, I admit to being highly amused at the way fate works.

The reason I have no sympathy for Zane, is because at the height of the Millenia Black v Penguin row, back in 2006, Zane publically delivered a smackdown to Millenia, that I felt was particularly unwarranted at the time. The rant was posted on Thumper’s Corner, but has since been deleted.

Paraphrasing wildly, Zane basically wrote that MB was biting the hand that fed her. Best-selling Author Pontiff expressed her outrage over Zane’s comments at the time.

I recall wondering why Zane felt the need to post such an incendiary rant at the time, and I must admit, I lost quite a bit of respect for her. I felt that it was attitudes like hers that made it even harder for AA authors to take a stand on the Racism in Publishing issue.

I wonder if Zane would still stand by the comments she made at the time?

Rebecca Pack has been ignoring e-mails from her ex-authors since before Chippewa Publishing went belly-up, but apparently she’s still playing on the net. Her current pseudonyms (allegedly) are Sloane King, and Rebecca K Rhodes.

Capo at C’um Hither Global reports:

“Anonymous Carol” sent us these page links to MySpace. AC claims these women are one and the same: MIA e-publisher, Rebecca Pack (Chippewa, Lady Aibell). Although it seems Pack has removed all photos identified as her from the internet, yea, the similarity is strong. As the pages currently appear neither Sloane King or Chippewa Publishing have logged in at Myspace since November of 2007.

Also, “Chippewa Publishing” designates her home town as San Francisco, while Sloane King claims she’s a resident of the same city. “Rebecca K. Rhodes” on the other hand, logged in as recently as May 10th of this last week.

What a fucktard.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest of the post, head on over to C’um Hither Global.