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Mills And Boon Movies On Offer…

Sunday, May 11, 2008
Posted in: Mills and Boon

Wow, The Daily Mail are giving away twelve Mills and Boon DVDs, as part of its Centenary celebrations.

The Daily Mail launches its latest DVD giveaway . . . a collection of 12 all-time favourite romantic Mills & Boon classics on DVD for you to enjoy — all ABSOLUTELY FREE. This year, Mills & Boon celebrates a century as one of the most enduringly popular brand names in publishing.

Over the past 100 years the Mills & Boon imprint has become synonymous with romantic fiction, and inside every copy of Saturday’s Daily Mail you’ll find your FREE DVD of At the Midnight Hour, starring Patsy Kensit and Simon MacCorkindale. Then, from Monday, in each day’s Daily Mail, we will be printing a voucher. Simply cut it out and take it to your local branch of Tesco or WHSmith where, in return, you will be given that day’s DVD

I’m loving the promo!

By the way, according to an article in The Guardian, a Mills and Boon book is sold every 6.6 seconds in the UK, and 200 million of them are sold every year.

It’s an interesting article, well worth reading, even for somebody who rarely reads M&B books these days.

It has been calculated that dedicated modern Mills & Boon readers will have seen their characters sharing some 30,000 embraces and tripping merrily to the altar at least 7,000 times, more than enough happily-ever-afters to cheer the most jaded of readers. Jilly Cooper puts it best: ‘After all, life’s bloody tough. Mills & Boon is much better than binge drinking.’

I was also very interested to find out that:

Readers, Writers and Romance, an exhibition celebrating Mills & Boon’s centenary, will be staged in Manchester Central Library from June, before touring the north west into 2009

I might just have to take a look at the exhibition, when it starts next month.


  • Dawn
    May 12
    2:40 pm

    I got the Daily Mail on Saturday and I was torn as whether to keep the DVD or not. I kept it so that the next time I’m in need of some solo downtime, I can watch it. I have to say, though, that I’m expecting to cringe my way through it.


  • jennifer
    October 9
    11:13 pm

    im a nurse and a single mother of three
    as u could probably tell by my lifestyle that i dont get out alot anymore and i watch alot of movies free online.
    I have been looking for the mills and boon collection of dvds free online like the free online reads.
    if u could please direct me to a site or a link that would be great im in rural australia and its hard for me to find these things.
    ty for ur help and ill be looking forward to hearing from u thankx….


  • Found this thread from the recent comments on home page. Caught my eye because I’ve just reviewed At The Midnight Hour for Pink Heart Society. With Patsy Kensit and Simon MacCorkindale starring, one might expect this to be a British production/setting or even based on an English M&B book but, no, it’s set in America and based on an Alicia Scott (aka Lisa Gardner) story that was published by Silhouette Intimate Moments. Have been watching/reviewing the series and so far they’ve all been based on romantic suspense/intrigue type storylines rather than classic/traditional M&B romance. FWIW.


  • *waving* Hey, Bronwyn!


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