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Sometimes karma really is a bitch.

Over at the SB’s blog, Sarah has a post up, entitled, ‘Erotica Writer Zane: I’m Facing Discrimination.

Sarah writes:

Thanks to the multiple Bitchery readers who forwarded this over. Erotica author and editor Zane emailed a DC-area email loop the following account of how her latest book is facing an uphill battle in terms of finding places in which to advertise. Why? Because it’s Black erotica? Nope. Because it’s gay. Specifically, according to Zane’s email, lesbian erotica.

SB Sarah also posted the contents of the e-mail.

Now normally I’d be sympathetic, because discrimination of any kind is hard to bear, but on this occasion, I admit to being highly amused at the way fate works.

The reason I have no sympathy for Zane, is because at the height of the Millenia Black v Penguin row, back in 2006, Zane publically delivered a smackdown to Millenia, that I felt was particularly unwarranted at the time. The rant was posted on Thumper’s Corner, but has since been deleted.

Paraphrasing wildly, Zane basically wrote that MB was biting the hand that fed her. Best-selling Author Pontiff expressed her outrage over Zane’s comments at the time.

I recall wondering why Zane felt the need to post such an incendiary rant at the time, and I must admit, I lost quite a bit of respect for her. I felt that it was attitudes like hers that made it even harder for AA authors to take a stand on the Racism in Publishing issue.

I wonder if Zane would still stand by the comments she made at the time?

Rebecca Pack has been ignoring e-mails from her ex-authors since before Chippewa Publishing went belly-up, but apparently she’s still playing on the net. Her current pseudonyms (allegedly) are Sloane King, and Rebecca K Rhodes.

Capo at C’um Hither Global reports:

“Anonymous Carol” sent us these page links to MySpace. AC claims these women are one and the same: MIA e-publisher, Rebecca Pack (Chippewa, Lady Aibell). Although it seems Pack has removed all photos identified as her from the internet, yea, the similarity is strong. As the pages currently appear neither Sloane King or Chippewa Publishing have logged in at Myspace since November of 2007.

Also, “Chippewa Publishing” designates her home town as San Francisco, while Sloane King claims she’s a resident of the same city. “Rebecca K. Rhodes” on the other hand, logged in as recently as May 10th of this last week.

What a fucktard.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest of the post, head on over to C’um Hither Global.

Over 13,000 Dead In China Quakes…

Wednesday, May 14, 2008
Posted in: World tragedy

This is just so horrific, and in the wake of Myanmar too.

DUJIANGYAN, China (Reuters) – The death toll in China’s earthquake climbed past 13,000 on Tuesday and looked set to rise much higher after media said some 19,000 people were buried in rubble in just one area.

Rain and severed roads hampered rescuers in the mountainous area near the epicentre of Monday’s 7.9-magnitude quake in the southwestern province of Sichuan, China’s worst earthquake in three decades.

State media reported devastation as troops reached stricken villages near the epicentre in Wenchuan, a remote county cut off by landslides about 100 km (60 miles) northwest of the provincial capital, Chengdu.

Officials announced late on Tuesday that 500 Wenchuan residents were confirmed dead, Xinhua news agency reported. But the toll there and elsewhere is likely to soar.

Thirty People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops arrived at Wenchuan’s Yingxiu township and rescued 300 residents, Xinhua said. But only 2,000 were found alive in the town of 12,000, according to a local official.

“They could hear people under the debris calling for help but no one could, because there were no professional rescue teams,” state television quoted the official He Biao as saying.

About 60,000 people were unaccounted for across Wenchuan.

“What we most need is medicine. There is no medicine, there are no doctors and after such a long time, no food,” He said.

In a school of 850 students in Qingchuan County, Sichuan, 90 were killed and another 191 were missing, a local official told Xinhua.

A further 18,645 people were buried under debris in the city of Mianyang, Xinhua said.

All those poor people. So many families will be left devastated for years to come after this. It doesn’t bear thinking about.