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Rebecca Pack has been ignoring e-mails from her ex-authors since before Chippewa Publishing went belly-up, but apparently she’s still playing on the net. Her current pseudonyms (allegedly) are Sloane King, and Rebecca K Rhodes.

Capo at C’um Hither Global reports:

“Anonymous Carol” sent us these page links to MySpace. AC claims these women are one and the same: MIA e-publisher, Rebecca Pack (Chippewa, Lady Aibell). Although it seems Pack has removed all photos identified as her from the internet, yea, the similarity is strong. As the pages currently appear neither Sloane King or Chippewa Publishing have logged in at Myspace since November of 2007.

Also, “Chippewa Publishing” designates her home town as San Francisco, while Sloane King claims she’s a resident of the same city. “Rebecca K. Rhodes” on the other hand, logged in as recently as May 10th of this last week.

What a fucktard.

Anyway, if you want to read the rest of the post, head on over to C’um Hither Global.


  • What a fucktard indeed!


  • That woman (wanted to use a stronger term, but it’s just not very professional) still owes me $$.


  • She owes a lot of people money and is replying to no one. She also hasn’t sent the tax forms she’s legally required to.


  • You think she could be reported to the IRS for tax evasion?


  • C’um Hither’s entire blog is gone. What’s up with that?


  • I was just coming to comment on that myself. Where’d the blog go? Might be Blogger being stupid, last night it told me I couldn’t read Mrs. Giggles blog because I wasn’t an “invited reader”, but it’s fine today.


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