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I Feel Like My Heart Is Breaking…

Thursday, May 15, 2008
Posted in: China Earthquake

I came across these photographs of the earthquake in Sichuan on Monica’s blog. I cried for a long time after seeing the pain and suffering that the people of China are enduring right now.

Somehow, I think I actually forgot that children would be amongst the casualties. How could I forget that babies and small children would also be amongst the dead? How could I?

The images are graphic and heart-wrenching, but I think they should be seen, so I wont be hiding them under a cut.

I thought I was adequately sympathetic to these people’s plight. I was wrong. The photographs are stark, but they serve to demonstrate the levels of real human suffering going on in a not-too-distant part of our planet right now.

The tapestry of these people’s lives are changed forever. And the loss and the devastation will be like a scar on their souls. If there’s such a thing as a god, why would he let this happen to his people?

I have to do something now. I have to help. I want to help.

Updated to add:

Here are a couple of links kindly provided by Laura Vivanco for anybody who wants to make a charitable donation:

UK Red Cross’ China Earthquake Appeal.

The US Red Cross is also collecting donations.

Oxfam UK’s also got a China Earthquake Appeal.

Diana Debalko from Siren Publishing, posted the following, in order to set the record straight, referencing my last Ocean’s Mist post, that alleged that Noemi (the morally bankrupt publisher/shyster) had gotten a contract with Siren.

Hello, We want to set the record straight with regards to Essence. Essence does not write for Siren Publishing. We dropped her on March 25th once we discovered she faked her legal name in her signed contracts. Rest assured, we do not support misconduct in this industry where we value our authors and our readers. Sincerely, Diana DeBalko (aka Amanda Hilton), Publisher, Siren-BookStrand, Inc., www.sirenbookstrand.com

She faked her name on a legal document? Wow.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Loose Id follow suit. If she lied to Siren, what was to stop her from lying to LI?