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Do you remember this daft bird? Yeah, the one who A, couldn’t actually string two coherent sentences together, and B, couldn’t take criticism worth a damn, even though she asked for the critique in the first place.

Well, she’s threatening to sue me. Hey, it has to happen at least once a month, right? Anyway, apparently somebody released her from her straitjacket long enough for her to find a keyboard, and threaten me with legal action.

Okay, so now i am the butt of your joke. I take it then karen you’re another one who has not read my book yet? Question. Why is it you have chosen to be foul mouth about me in public? Can’t you do this in private like it was later stated in one the critiques comments had suggested. I will say this about your “so Called Mrs. Giggles” comments.

So I guess she’d prefer me to be ‘foulmouth about her’  in private? *g*

I think you ought to grow up and stop acting like a child, if you carry on like this there will be a law suit against you. I am one who does take critisim very well but having a person like yourself publicly trying to ridicule me is another thing entirely. Be sure to NOTE THIS YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM MY LAWYER IF YOU GO ANY FURTHER WITH THIS NONE SENSE.

I wonder how old she is? I’d be surprised if she was over ten years old. She doesn’t seem very self-aware does she?  Hey, at least she spelt ‘lawyer’ correctly, right? That’s impressive, surely?

Anyway, she’s also quite keen to sue Capo, from C’um Hither Global:

Capo Have you had permission from Myself (Lisa Charlton) to any of the work i have done? Answer is that NO you haven’t. I am suing you for copy right theft.


Lisa Charlton

Say it with me folks, What. A. Fucktard.