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A cyber pal pointed me in the direction of QB’s blog, where she’s got some interesting excerpts from Laurell k Hamilton’s blog.

There are a few tidbits to choose from, but I was most interested in the ones that talk about her and Jon’s hankering for a third person to join them.

LKH Blog- Sunday April 27, 2008

More irony; two of my male friends that are straight and one of female friends that is gay all have absolutely no gag reflex. Now how unfair is that? The rest of us that could use this talent must struggle on, and learn to work around our deficiencies.

Now, if I could just figure out a polite way to ask my three friends with no gag reflex what little misery they’ve got instead, I’d really know if the universe was fair. But some questions are not meant to be asked even between close friends. Not unless liquor is involved, and alas, I do not drink.

I’m trying to get rid of the image of LKH and Jon, humping some random unknown. Talk about life imitating art huh?

LKH Blog – Monday, May 5, 2008
Domestically Challenged

But it is one of those days when I think longingly of having one extra more practical person in the house, but let’s face it, even if Jon and I could find a third adult that we wanted to cohabitate with, we’d never be attracted to someone organized and practical. When we were both dating, our choices ran high to artist, techies, writers, and scientiests. None of these jobs, or degrees are likely to net you an organized mate.

Her and Jon also do interesting things with candlesticks, but you’ll have to pop over to QB’s blog to learn more.

I have to say, I was more amused than surprised at the personal nature of LKH’s blog posts. She obviously doesn’t care about people knowing what she does in private.