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Photo courtesy of Paul’s World

Premiership Champions And Champions League Winners 2007/2008 Season!!



  • My God, I thought my heart had stopped. I thought 1999 would kill me, but this one –


  • For some reason I knew there’d be a post about this the minute I saw it on Yahoo news,lol. Congrats!


  • I saw the highlights earlier tonight. Josh watched it at work on the net. It looks like it was an amazing game but one that wouldn’t give you a minute’s peace!


  • Emmy
    May 22
    2:21 am

    Hate chelsea with a passion, so was hoping Man U would win.

    *ponders “come on the boys”* thats prolly nowhere near as fun as it sounds.


  • Anon Y Mouse
    May 22
    2:43 am

    Woohooo! Another pressie for you to work with, then. What have you heard about this?

    apparently Iris Print has closed, without, you know, managing to notify anyone. It’s all at rumor stage right now, but it’s a rumor from Yamila Abraham, who is in a position to know. It’s a staggering lack of professionalism on Kellie’s part: not a surprising lack, mind you, but one that is made all the worse by her blatant appeal for public support a few months ago. You wonder why old writers are cynical? This is why.

    Later pub rants:

    Well isn’t that swell? Iris Print closes up shop and doesn’t bother to tell the creators they have under contract. Nice. So what about our books? What about our titles? :/ I don’t know what to say about this, except that I’m truly disappointed. I’m beyond pissed; I wonder though, where is Amazon getting their re-stock if Iris is out of business? What about all those people who paid pre-orders for Queer Magic? It would’ve been nice to know if she was filing for bankruptcy.

    And more:

    Upon reading further, it appears from sumthinlikhuman’s user info that they are still in high school. Yet, according to his/her words, she/he worked on the editing of Queer Magic.

    One would think that a publisher would want the editors of their books to have graduated high school. One would certainly REQUIRE them to reach the age of 18 before working on adult oriented material.

    This is a staggeringly bad judgement on Kellie’s part



  • Dawn
    May 22
    8:32 am

    Congratulations! Jade & Michael watched the match (I watched The Apprentice). There was much shouting from them, especially when it came to the penalties.

    I knew as well, that you’d have a post up about it. 😉


  • Scott
    May 22
    11:44 am

    Enjoy it Karen. It’s great watching you team win a championship. Hopefully I will be experiencing the same thing in the coming weeks (Go Red Wings!).

    And though I don’t like ManU, I preferred them over Chelsea.


  • Wheee Karen! So glad they came through for you!


  • Ami S
    May 22
    8:23 pm

    I am with Scott . . .

    GO WINGS GO!!!!!!


  • Meriam
    May 22
    11:56 pm

    As someone on The Guardian wrote: with Man United, it’s not over until the fat lady has a heart attack.

    God, what a game. I was exhausted. So glad we won.

    (Oddly, though, Avram Grant has won me over. I wonder if Gus Hiddink is really taking over next season.)


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