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As my loyal readers will know, we did the Ferfelabat AKA Cindy Cruciger Pretends To Hate Karen Scott/Smart Bitches/Dear Author thing last summer. It was highly entertaining for me, and I’m sure it was for Cindy also.

I kindly gave her a way out, out of the teeny tiny hole she’d dug for herself, and we agreed, to stay out of each other’s part of the blogosphere, because even then, I knew that this was a relationship that was not meant to be. I did try telling Cindy that I just wasn’t into her that way, but alas, I fear I may have broken her tender heart by my rejection.

Well, Cindy stayed away from me for a while, then a few of months later, she lovingly decided to make fun of my inability to conceive children. She wrote:

Let’s check in, shall we? Earlier Karen Scott was having dreams about breaking every bone in a baby’s body. Last year we learned that she only has her period once every six months or so and, in addition to making it impossible for her to reproduce (a good thing given that she dreams about abusing babies), when it happens, it is apparently so profound that she requires tent sized undies to contain it.

Awww, her love really knows no bounds. What a darling, darling girl. Mind you, I suspect her friend Ann Vremont might have been a little in love with me also, seeing as she went one step further and produced a beautiful caricature of me with bloodied, dying babies. I must admit, I did question Dear Ann’s mental state, but I realised that this work of art stemmed from a desire to show me just how much she cared. Sweet, sweet girl.

Over the months, I’ve been alerted to various posts where Cindy’s been talking about me. The reverence with which she wrote these posts were truly touching. I think she called me evil a few times, but that was obviously just in jest.

I know that those posts came from a place of deep, deep love. She just wants me to acknowledge her, and I think she feels rejected when I take no notice of her. Ahhh, the misery of unrequited love and affection.

Anyway, I just received news via e-mail that proves her love beyond measure. I was so very moved. That wonderful woman has dedicated a whole post to me and my evil wonderful blogging style. Truly scrumptious. The post was so complimentary that I’ve decided to give her what she craves. I’ve decided to give her my undivided attention.

People, I hope you feel suitably sorry for me, because being me is bloody hard, especially when everybody wants me, as badly as Cindy Cruciger obviously does. What can I say, when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.

Anyway Cindy, bottoms up to you my lovely, and I hope that this dedication makes you feel all warm and toasty inside.

Hugs and Kisses

Your bezzie mate Karen Scott
Age 33 years old. xxxxx


  • I don’t know, but I’m a carpenter’s daughter and an electrician/HVAC guy’s wife, so I’ve been around the contracting block, and the golden rule is: Do NOT piss off the roofer. *g*


  • I'm see Ann & Cindy at RT next year.
    May 30
    2:53 pm

    I think Ann Vremont also e-mailed me a time or two with links to her other pictures of me. I just ignored her though.

    Wow what a crack head wannabe stuck up her head so far into Cindy’s ass, loner ass bitch. She needs someone to step on her mufugly face.

    Now what I want to know if this Cindy and Ann will be at RT next year. Let’s see how tough and how much they can back up their shit when they are confronted ghetto style.


  • Dorothy Mantooth
    May 30
    3:10 pm

    Jesus effing christ. And they call you a mean girl?

    I’d expect that crap from thirteen-year-olds. But grown women?

    Who spends their free time doing that?


  • Oh, now that’s sad. Setting aside the bad Poser art, it reflects worse on its maker than it does on the subject of the ‘art work’.

    I might not be impressed by some of the stuff that happens on this blog, but that art work is way less impressive and a very bad reflection on the artist.

    Honestly, why would anybody care about Ann Vremont making her art work about them when the woman doesn’t even know them? Just too bizarre. It’s managed to exceed most of the stuff posted about authors behaving badly. Except for Deborah M. Vremont will have to try harder to surpass that one.


  • Jenns
    May 30
    6:10 pm

    Some people never get past the middle school mentality.
    If I had it in me, I might feel sorry for them. I’m sure you’ve got to be miserable, extremely unhappy, to do such horrible and disgusting things.
    And if they’re enjoying this attention? More sign of desperation. Just really … pitiful.

    Nothing excuses their behavior, however.


  • Karen, I’m just sick to my stomach.

    But I know you can take care of yourself, but damn.


  • anon
    May 31
    12:10 am


    I’m sorry about the latest pic Ann Vermont just put up, along with the gleeful backing of Cindy Cruciger. That’s insane. And I guess she’s now mad at Shayne and Nora too. I’m anon because I don’t feel like having my name come up on her blog in a technorati search, but I just want to say I’m sorry about the new pic, as well as the others. That’s not satire or parody or whatever she choose to call it.


  • Jane
    May 31
    1:25 am

    You have to give credit to the fact that Eva Gale, Selah March, Ann Vremont and Cindy Cruciger are still tight. I also see mystery novelist JD Rhoades throwing his support over there for her.

    and Karen, you were right on about this:

    I think Cindy is still bitter because, although our little corner of Blogland is small, a lot of people will still remember her and her antics, which means that she’s limited in terms of where she can go. Even some people who hate me refuse to be seen associating with her, which must piss her off royally.

    I think that the comment by Selah March today pretty much confirms this:

    Selah March May 30

    Don’t take it hard, my friend. It seems there’s an epidemic of “short memory syndrome” on the rise in Romancelandia, exacerbated by a nasty strain of insecurity, desperation, and unreasonable fear of Some Mean Chick With a Blog. This too shall pass. Or we’ll outgrow the symptoms, just like we did back in seventh grade.

    Well. Some of us did.


  • That latest picture is proof that Ann Vremont is utter trash who should be ignored and left to ferment in the cesspool of her own twisted hatred.


  • You have to give credit to the fact that Eva Gale, Selah March, Ann Vremont and Cindy Cruciger are still tight.

    Shit’s sticky, for sure.


  • Michelle
    May 31
    3:55 am

    Really, they aren’t quite right. It appears Ann is even checking out posters on this thread and making fun of them. It really is kind of creepy. Lack of empathy is a major sign of certain disorders. Also to waste so much time obsessing and getting “revenge” on imagined slights. Shiver.


  • I shouldn’t have clicked on either of those links. I’m just wondering what is amusing about heartbreak? I don’t know Karen. I know nothing about her struggles but I do know that no one deserves this.

    It makes me wonder if they’d behave this way in real life. Because let’s face it, people say a whole lot on the internet that they wouldn’t say in person. They log on and get a case of the braveries.


  • Nora Roberts
    May 31
    11:34 am

    AV appears to be deeply disturbed.


  • Millie
    May 31
    2:27 pm

    I was right. If you talk badly about her, she will make you her next victim. Sorry, Shayne. Maybe she is just using the publicity for her book coming out in December, in an anthology titled Bad Girls Have More Fun, through Simon Schuster. Of course, Ariana Hart and Jan Spring might not like the cover AV draws for their book.

    Karen, don\’t let that picture get you down. Sending cyber hugs.


  • Oh wow. A complete stranger on the internet is mad at me. Whatever will I do? Maybe I must end my life, unable to live with such shame.

    Uh, Ms. Vremont, you should really try to find a target who might take you seriously. I wish you luck.


  • Hey Millie,

    Don’t worry. If the woman actually had any impact on my life, I’d be concerned.

    Only my MIL can make my life a living hell, everybody has to get in line and wait. Heh.


  • Grrrly
    May 31
    6:16 pm

    So if you’re so evil and twisted and out to wreak havoc on people’s lives, how exactly is it taking the moral high ground for them to sink to “your” level? Just sayin’.

    I hate to give this any more attention than it deserves, but I heard this on the way home and it was so hideously appropo I had to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCU1JYmGxcA


  • Throwmearope
    May 31
    7:28 pm

    Okay, that’s a little bit over the limit, even for them.


  • lol Good tune. If I ever become an pissed-off-wannabe-professional author-turned-ecard-designer I might just look into using that for my theme song!

    Cheers, Karen. Sending you love.


  • Ann Vremont’s pic was definitely worth saving. You never know when these things will come in handy.

    Ann is clearly off the charts so no hope for her there I’m afraid, but I have to wonder if Cindy Cruciger, Selah March et al are aware of the irony of being best cyberpals with the biggest true meangirl in Romanceland bar none.

    I think it’s amusing how they condone and encourage Ann’s vitriolic artwork, whilst bitching about ‘Mean Girl Bloggers’. It’s like they can’t see the wood for the trees, or something.

    I may not be particularly fond of Selah March these days, but I must admit, it surprises me that she’s so on board with Ann making fun of the fact that I’m reproductively challenged. I don’t know why it surprises me, it just does.

    I guess one could put it down to her and them having a bit of a siege mentality.


  • Coming out of a long lurkdom to pipe in: “What the f**k?” Karen, so sorry you have to put up with this nonsense. Some folk need a refresher course in home training – if they even got it the first time around. Keep your head up, girl. Karma’s gonna bite someone on her behind.


  • I’ve been alerted how much she loves me too….do you think its my big phallus-shaped bald head? LOL


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