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Says, Adra Steia disgruntled author, in response to a negative review from Holly at Book Binge.

Who is Adra Steia, I hear you ask.. well to be honest, I have no clue. But apparently she’s a best-selling e-book author. Erm, so she says at least.

Anyway, here’s the story: Holly from Book Binge apparently read Ms Steia’s book, and didn’t like it, in fact she went on to include said book in her Worst Read in 2007 post.

Adra apparently wasn’t impressed and allegedly started commenting anonymously, a la sock puppet.

Anyway, Holly then put this post up, basically outing her. Adra Steia responded, and responded, and responded, and responded…

Below are some wonderful examples of why authors should know when to step away from the keyboard.

Adra Steia writes:

People, I don’t care. I haven’t since, what, September? I DID google my name for further reviews, found this, and found it insanely hilarious. (The book you reviewed has received nothing but recommended reads and other great reviews– that says much more than the ‘review’ you all did of it!).

I’m laughing at you all. Not crying about a bad review. LAUGHING. Big difference.

I’m laughing even more now….

Yeah, she really sounds like she doesn’t care, doesn’t she?

This next bit made me smile:

Oh, one more thing before I once again forget you all exist…thanks for all the sales! Every time you mention my book, my slaes jump way up!

So apparently, Adra Steia’s sales are jumping every time her book is mentioned at Book Binge. You’d think she’d be more grateful wouldn’t you?

Some more examples of how not to respond to a negative review:

Seriously. I didn’t post that original comment. As I said, I looked at that post and LAUGHED. It’s funny. You hated the book, but it made an impact on you, such a huge impact that it made not one, not two, but THREE Worst Read lists!

Here, Steia continues to dig herself a deeper hole:

I don’t care what you people have to say about me. You just made yourself look immature and childish in front of the whole world. THAT’S what I’m laughing about. You don’t come off as snarky or witty or amusing. Except, of course, to your friends. To anyone else…you just look pathetic. How long has it been since you got out of high school? Most people put the love for drama behind them.

I did react strongly to that review–for a day or two. You and your cohort trashed a book I’d spent a long time and lot of work on. It’s like me walking up and telling you your kid is ugly and smells bad. Just like you’d be highly pissed at me, you have to understand that that’s how I felt for a little while.


I wonder if she’ll ever see the irony in this statement:

Most people put the love for drama behind them.

Especially when she commented eight times on Holly’s post.

Ya know what, though? I got over it. I moved on. I wrote more books. All of which get great reviews and have great SALES. You don’t matter. Your review didn’t matter in the long run. It hurt, I put a bandaid on it, and MOVED ON.

Your ‘letter’, though, is just a huge testament to the kind of person and reviewer you really are. And it’s on my blog now. Let’s see how much more immature and vindictive and childish you can be…

Absolutely amazing.

This next bit had me laughing my tits off:

I can take a bad review. It’s a challenge for the overcome when I write my NEXT book. I’m not so emotionally attached to my books that the world ends when one gets a bad review.

She’s doing real well at handling a negative review isn’t she? She’s definitely giving a stellar performance.

You unfairly attacked me–someone who has not even VISITED this blog in months. Someone stood up for me, and you are so consumed with…sheesh, I don’t even know…yourself, I guess, that you assume it was someone who couldn’t care less about you or your blog. When you attack me PERSONALLY, yeah I’m going to respond. I want people to see how you ‘wonderful’ people REALLY are. My blog gets hundreds of visitors a day, many of which buy at least one of my books.

And to the person who said I should be thanking them…read my earlier comments. I did thank them, thank you! I’ve already sold quite a few numbers of the book in question, as well as several other copies of my horror novels. I’m the one making the money off this, and once again, I thank you.

Keep up the diatribe, please… it’s doing wonders for my sales.

Once again, the mention of the jump in sales of her book. Do we think she’s telling porkies or what?

This whole thing is retarded and childish. I’m a writer. I’ve had six books accepted and published. I’ve proven to the world that I am a capable author. My books are bestsellers, and I sell out at book signings. Your review didn’t just destroy my world and turn me into a sniveling little weakling and leave me cowering in a corner.

You can post nasty things about me left and right, and trash me and my books and still…it’s not going to matter. You’re weak. You couldn’t resist the urge to just ignore the comment–or bring yourself to check the IP address against the ones in the posts that I willingly, happily signed my name too. Ya know why? ‘Cuz you know you’d look like an idiot for going off on someone who had NOTHING to do with this.

Bear in mind guys, that she’s talking about The Book Binge Girls. I mean come on, The Book Binge Girls? On what planet are they considered mean girls?

This is just an attempt to make yourself look more superior, more intelligent, and more snarky. Guess what? YOU are the weak link here. It’s all pack mentality. Most people have no clue who I am, and you’re just sending more and more people to my blog and my website.

If she is getting more hits to her blog, surely she should be grateful? As AztecLady already noted, first she says she’s a huge best-seller, then she admits to nobody knowing who she is. Which statement is nearer to the truth do we think? I’ll give y’all one guess.

I DID show my friends and cronies the link. One of which is an author you all despise as well. I probably directed about 20 people here– hits for you blogs, ladies, you should be happy. We all had a big laugh.

Thats how me and my friends roll—and lots of other authors. We celebrate our victories and our less-than-victories. It was a public post, was it not? I had ever right to pass it around to my friends. In no way does that warrant an all out attack from you. I never posted a word about it anywhere, my blog or otherwise. Only my direct circle of friend (those 20 or so people) knew about it.

I wonder if she has a publicist?

I’m still getting over the fact that she used the ‘That’s how me and my friends roll’ line. This is a best-selling author don’tcha know.

She then goes on to admit that perhaps her book wasn’t the best thing evah:

My book isn’t the best thing since sliced bread. Shoot, I admit that. I’m not so conceited that I can’t see the flaws. Beyond saying the book is different than one you’d most likely read, I didn’t say anything above and beyond about it.

The problem with your reviews were the utter-closed-mindedness of them. But, that’s your opinion. It’s your blog, you write what you want to about the books that are submitted. I run a book review website. I know that and understand it. BUt when an author complains to me that either I or one of my reviewers missed something, if it’s a justifiable complaint, we look into it.

That one book in particular was the one and only romance I’ve ever written and will ever write. I write horror. I’ve never even tried writing another romance, because, well, I don’t like romance. I don’t care that you didn’t like my book. Plenty of other people do.

Yep, that’s definitely the sound of yet another author shooting herself in her own foot. Ya gotta love ’em right?

What a fucktard.