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Warning, the following post is long and rambling, and somewhat incoherent in places, but long over due, so if you want to avoid drama, you might want to look away now.

I don’t like Cindy Cruciger, and I never have, even during her more sycophantic phase, but I kinda accept that she’s just a foolish, bitter, malicious broad, who can’t see the wood for the trees, and who doesn’t seem to understand what the phrase, ‘get over it’, means.

She constantly bangs on about my evil ways, but what she fails to recognise is that her bestest friend, Ann Vremont, is without doubt, the most vile, and vicious person, most of us Romancelandia folk have ever come across in Blogland (or in real life come to think of it), bar none. That’s some feat, right?

Ann crosses so many lines it’s laughable, (see Revenge Greeting Card on right) and all the while, her best friend, Ferfelabat AKA Cindy Cruciger, cheers on her genius. Cindy thought the picture on the right was hilarious.

The more I look at this card the more I could see myself sending it to any one of several friends who are in fertility treatment hell just to make them laugh. There should be a guy version as well.

Yeah, because that would be so darn hilarious. Even if there was a liklihood that one’s friends would find it amusing, why would you even go there? Surely sending them a teddy bear and chocolates would be more effective?

Anyway, I had a bit of a confrontation with Cindy Cruciger over at Capo’s blog earlier this week. Basically, Cindy had gone onto the Pickled Cupid blog (formerly C’um Hither Global) , and accused them of taking the piss out of her dead father-in-law. In actual fact, they weren’t, and if she could have removed her ‘Karen Scott and everybody who likes, her must die’ head on, she’d have had a clearer picture.

If any of you read C’um Hither Global before Capo, Bailey and Peter closed it down, you’ll know that they basically take Romancelandia news, and poke fun at it. Anyway, Cindy took exception to this post, and said so, in her usual passive aggressive way.

Peter responded to her comment, and then she had this to say:

You are assuming “Karen Scott” is telling the truth. On the few occassions when she has posted supposedly “personal” things about herself, it was to get people who are commenting under their real names or verifiable pseudonyms, to reveal real conditions they have. She then uses it against them later in one of her hit posts.

Does that gal ever think of anything, other than me? I never imagined she was a woman who did drugs, but how else can one explain her wild ramblings? I’m trying to think of the last time, I asked readers to ‘reveal conditions they had’, and then went on to use it against them, and I admit, I keep drawing a blank. Anybody remember such an event? Cinny, help me out here.  Surely, this is the pot calling the kettle black? It begs the question, has Cindy Cruciger ever looked in the mirror, and seen herself, as she really is?

Anyway, she had lots more to say for herself:

The truth is, you have no idea if “Karen Scott” is even a she and you don’t know if “she” really has fertility issues. I think that if she does, it’s reprehensible to use it to lure in victims to use as blog fodder, which is why I wrote that post you so obviously took issue with. I’m sure there’s no need to personalize what you read there.

See what I mean? Wild rantings, with little or no relevance to anything. Yeah, I guesss I could secretly be a man, and yeah, I could have been making up the whole fertility thing, just to garner sympathy, because (run-on sentence ahead) that’s the kind of thing I do all the time. And I guess I could have been trying to get others to admit to their fertility problems, so that I could take piss out of them later. Hmmm… Smokescreen much?

I think Cindy Cruciger knows she did a bad thing, and now she’s trying to justify it. She trawls through my blog often enough to have found my not-so-upbeat posts, back when this blog didn’t have as many visitors as it does now.  She knows she was wrong to take the piss out of my fertility issues, and now she’s trying to pretend that what she said wasn’t one of the most vile things one human can say about another. Like I said to her, what she did was akin to me finding out that her hubby had been giving it to some young, slim, pretty thing (hypothetical you understand), and mocking her on my blog because of it. Any smart person would recognise, that most people at heart are mostly decent, and wouldn’t tolerate such a thing.

She goes on to add:

Most people just want the entertainment and Karen gives it to them one way or another. It’s all good … as long as it’s someone else being roasted.

This is the same person who used to come onto my blog and crow with glee, whenever I took the piss out of anybody. The hypocrisy no longer surprises me.

There’s absolutely no question who your post is about. I am absolutely fair game and you did a pretty decent job. Bringing my kids into it was an especially interesting, character revealing touch. You blog anonymous, so you can say whatever you want with absolutely no personal repercussions so why prevaricate? Have the guts for a full on attack. You will win points with your mentor Karen Scott, and be well on your way to blog stardom.

The mentioning of her kids thing? Here’s what was actually written:

The spokesperson also acknowledged that both women lost several teeth in the course of breaking moonshine bottles against one another’s faces. Ms. Crueger’s son and owner of the trailer is currently attending college in another county and will not be charged in the incident. Freddy Crueger did make a brief statement to reporters, “My mother has always been her own worst nightmare.”

Yeah, I think the pun was obvious to most rational thinking people too. ‘Nuff said.

Blog stardom? Mentor? It’s amazing how she manages to bring everything back to me isn’t it? Does she realise how much I seem to consume her every thought?

I’m sure Capo is a great writer with a magnificent career ahead. Let’s be honest, though. Decent people don’t blog anonymous hit pieces about people they don’t know just for entertainment. You, Me, Karen, Capo, Purr – we are many things. Decent is not one of them.

She’s right, she is many things, but decent certainly isn’t one of them. Vindictive, vengeful, obsessed, jealous, paranoid, and malicious maybe, but decent? Nah. Capo and the guys from the Pickled Cupid blog at least come across as decent people, which is more than I can say for Cindy Cruciger and her best pal Ann ‘I Have A Screw Loose’ Vremont. Hey, even Selah March and Eva Gale comes across as a decent people, regardless of how I personally feel about them.

Cindy’s lucky that I actually am a decent person, because were I not, there are so many places, and so many lines I could cross in the name of one-upmanship. Luckily for her, I have scruples, and a conscience. Damn shame that.

Anyway, I responded to her comments, because gone are the days when I simply yawn and move on. If you want to read my response, you can do so over on Pickled Cupid.

She then had this to say:

Oh Karen. You have no lines or limits. Once you start lying you are at rock bottom and digging.

She would know about the lying thing I guess. She keeps trying to tell everybody who’ll listen that I called Robin Schone a racist. I mean, use your common sense Cinny, if you’re gonna tell big fat porkies, tell ones that nobody can easily disprove. Could she be more stupid?  Erm… apparently.

Here’s the deal. Every other month or two (or until I get bored with it) I am going to spend five minutes scanning your blog, looking for your latest victim of fame-hate and I am going to blog it. It’s just that simple. If you don’t like it, don’t do it to other people. When you stop attacking people for no reason, I will stop criticizing you for attacking people. If you don’t like the criticism, don’t criticize.

She has the gall to still pretend that this is about anything other than her humiliation at my hands last summer. She couldn’t give a flying fuck, about my ‘victims’, she just wants an excuse to obsess about me some more. Sorry Cindy, no matter how much you want me to, I’m not gonna have sex with you, I don’t swing that way. How many times do I have to tell you? Honestly, Sweetie, it’s not you, it’s me.

Re her threats? I say bring it on. I guarantee she’ll get tired of the drama before I do, and this time round, she’s not going to be given the option of an olive branch, when she gets tired of the war.

Other than regret for the damage you do to your targets, I don’t care if you ever stop. I would appreciate it if you would stop playing the victim. It doesn’t suit you and I would hate to think I was actually hurting your ever so delicate feelings.

On the one hand, she says she’ll keep on until I stop, on the other hand, she says she doesn’t care if I never stop? Which is it Cindy? That woman has ‘victim mentality’ written all over her, so she’s one to talk. As I said to her, I’ve simply proved that I’m better at hurting her with her own words, than vice versa.

To the anonymous owners of this blog … if you say you simply used my father-in-laws name to be funny then I will pretend that I believe you. You’ve mentioned losses in your own families and I am sorry for your loss. It’s a little different though when someone deliberately drags up the name of your loved one and uses it the way you have here. That line is ok with you though, I see.

The name that Peter used by the way was Freddy Crueger. Apparently her father-in-law was called Freddy. Yeah, she actually imagines that the Pickled Cupid guys ransacked her blog, found out that her father-in-law was called Freddy, then decided to use him as ammunition, against her. Yeah, right. I suspect that her paranoia was due to the fact that she would have done exactly that herself.

You have learned the “Karen Scott” style book by heart.

a. Anonymous
b. Attack people you don’t know.
c. Don’t bother to fact check the source before lashing out.
d. If you can’t tell the truth, lie like your life depends on it.

I’d say she’s been reading that Karen Scott book from cover to cover. She’s such a tit, she actually thinks that because she’s so passive aggressive, whenever she’s trying to lay into someone, that what she does cannot be counted as all-out attack. Once again, I have to ask the question, does that woman ever look in the mirror, and see herself how she really is?

You are a creative breath of fresh air. As I said before – welcome to the blog wars. Stick with Karen. She will feed you tons of fresh meat.

Too easy, and any comment I would wish to make would be just too unkind.

In my opinion, Cindy Cruciger has issues, and she clearly needs some sort of therapy to help her get over her obsession with me. Her friend, Ann Vremont, on the other hand, is beyond saving. She’s gutter trash, and she has no moral compass whatsoever. That bitch is so contemptible and vile, she makes me look like Mother Teresa in comparison.

In the Mean Girls contest, her and Cindy Cruciger wins hands down every time.

Oh the irony.

If Cindy Cruciger wants a war, I don’t mind obliging her, she just needs to make sure she has the appetite for it, this time round.

It should be another very interesting summer.


  • Dawn
    June 9
    2:55 pm

    I haven’t had time to read all of the comments, but Karen I agree with those who advise not to respond and lower yourself to her level. Frankly, she sounds like the type who’d stake out your house and shoot you dead – and with her husband’s gun too.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 9
    3:10 pm

    I just got this from Freddy Cruger’s blog.

    FerfeLaBat Jun 8
    I only took the death threat seriously and that is because

    a. It was a way out of proportion reaction to the “discussion”


    b. You never know and past experience has taught me to report threats and then let professionals deal with it. If you don’t say anything at the time then you have no leg to stand on if something happens later.

    Ann is the artist, btw. Very creative, but not every picture is for every one I guess. I doubt she’s open to making Karen look like a hag. She never goes for the obvious.

    I’m sorry they called you a(n) “ignorant, racist, bigoted, and of course a stupid fuckwit”. On the upside, if you are a grandma, think of it as a way to relive Jr. High. Any time you need a walk back in time, just go to Karen’s place and disagree with her. She’s like a modern day fountain of youth.

    And it fucking amazes me how Cruger makes herself to be an innocent, or tries to by apologizing to Shirley. Not even being woman enough to apologizing to Karen, by “enjoying” the photo bitch Cremont did. Cruger even calls it “creative.” I tell you this world is filled with nuts.

    And for the last time, Cruger since we all know you can’t live without Karen’s blog- THERE WAS NO DEATH THREAT EVER TOWARDS YOU. But I guess I can’t reason with insanity. No one can.


  • I’m going with Narcissistic personality disorder. These people are not fun to deal with.

    I think Eggs has hit it on the nose. Just out of curiosity, I looked this up on the net last night and she displays many of the symptoms. If this is the case and I’m willing to bet it is, the bad news Karen is you are never going to win and the badder news is until someone else enters her orbit, she isn’t going to stop.
    I’d say just do the best to ignore her is she does have this disorder ’cause it’s like bashing your head against the wall trying to stop her.
    I think the vast majority of posts here prove that you do have support on your side.


  • Nora Roberts
    June 9
    6:03 pm

    ~I’m sorry they called you a(n) “ignorant, racist, bigoted, and of course a stupid fuckwit”~

    I see where a poster put Shirley on a ‘moron list’, but couldn’t find any where she was called the above.

    Maybe I didn’t go back far enough? But the thread’s just too long.


  • Indida
    June 10
    2:05 am


    Shirley is the only one who used the words ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 10
    12:35 pm

    FerfeLaBat Jun 9
    I believe she is in Public Relations and her husband “Paul” is an engineer of some variety. No confirmation on that yet.

    OMG! Freddy Cruiger’s found me out! Yes I’m in public relations, and my husband is Paul an engineer. Oh wow she really does have Federal Agents scoping her site. I’m scared. I’m going in hiding.

    NOT! LOL. Your info is pretty funny Cindy-Lunatic that you are. Thanks for the laugh.

    FerfeLaBat Jun 9
    The reason I think it’s Karen-sock-puppet is the use of the word “appropriately”

    I don’t hang around in a lot of ghettos and the one near my office is mostly mixed ethnicity where English is optional. But. In my head I’d just never expect to hear them say “appropriately” in a sentence fragment threatening me. I could be wrong.

    Okay so now people who were raised in the ghetto, wouldn’t use “appropriately” in a sentence. Way to go Cindy you are an ass.

    And Ann, you are worse than Cindy-way worse. You psychotic nut.


  • Nora Roberts
    June 10
    2:00 pm

    ~Shirley is the only one who used the words ‘racist’ and ‘bigot’.~

    Ah. Well.

    Re Shirley, she and I had a confict here some time ago, which we–oddly enough–hashed out reasonably on another blog. We ended it by agreeing to a clean slate. However, she brought up the incident (or my part of it only) on CC’s blog in this last business. People do tell me stuff like this. So I see that ‘clean slate’ means something different to her.

    Adding this together, it gets hard for me to take her comments or opinions seriously.

    As for CC’s comments copied in the post above, they pretty much speak for themselves.


  • I see Cindy’s managed to stop thinking about me then. Not.

    Hey GD, something else I’ve learned, apparently people who live in the ghetto can only use monosyllabic words. Who knew?

    As for Shirley, well, I gave her lot of leeway on here because she’s an elderly woman, and one thing I’ve learned is that the older people get, the more set in their ways they become, so if they tell you that pink is blue, then arguing with them is usually a waste of good oxygen, because it wont make a blind bit of difference.

    I can’t believe that Cindy Cruciger, the biggest child in Blogland called me juvenile. That wench must have been bullied at school, because she clearly never got over it.

    Somebody compared CC to a religious zealot,because she truly believes she’s taking up the cause on behalf of all the poor oppressed authors out there. She thinks that all the authors agree with her, but she’s the only one with enough balls to stand up to me.

    They also used the word fanatical, and I totally see that. I bet she can’t sleep at night because she’s so busy plotting ways to do me in.

    There must be something more important going on in her life than me, you would think, but apparently not.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 10
    6:54 pm

    Karen, Cindy is obsessed with you. And that is a frightening thought. She must have you on her mind constantly. Wonder what her hubby thinks about her obsession.

    She thinks that all the authors agree with her, but she’s the only one with enough balls to stand up to me.

    I’m an author. And I don’t agree with one word that comes out of her fucked up mouth. I’d actually have the balls to stand up to anyone that thinks putting up fake ass pictures of someone’s problems are funny.


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