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I’m not surprised very often, but the other day I received a very supportive e-mail from Renee Rocco AKA Rene Lyons AKA Dishing Diva, which shocked the hell out of me You guys remember her right? She’s the owner of Lyrical Press, formerly known as Dragon Spell Publishing.

Well, her e-mail was just lovely, and courageous, and I wanted to say thanks. She didn’t have to send it, considering our rocky history, but she did, and I’m appreciative.


  • Renee - who is shocked as hell
    June 8
    11:12 am

    I’m a talky bitch (I said stop laughing!), so it’s not every day I’m struck speechless. But seriously. Wow. I wrote that email – well, you know why and it wasn’t for this at all.

    Thank you, Karen.


  • Ghetto Diva
    June 8
    11:48 am

    Great that there are nice people out there. I just wish there were more. 🙂


  • Nora Roberts
    June 8
    1:15 pm

    Nice. All around.

    It illustrates that people can disagree, even heatedly, without losing sight of decency.


  • Here are two totally different reactions to Karen’s sometime acerbic posts. One shows class – one doesn’t. Some could take lessons.
    The thing is, Karen’s posts are often controversial, that’s who she is, I mean her blog title says it all – and we have a choice – either come and visit knowing what to expect, or not visit and get twisted nighties; nighties that often descend into outright cruelty and vileness. The choice is ours.
    We all have our own unique personna. If some can’t understand that – just stay away!!
    It seems so simple to me.
    Me, I’ll keep coming back ’cause I know Karen has a good heart, it’s clear.


  • Sometimes its the small gestures that are the most impressive. Very classy, Ms. Rocco!


  • Grrrly
    June 8
    5:39 pm

    Very classy, all around.


  • Or she was just happy you were busy elsewhere… but I am a cynical bitch like that.


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