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Courtesy of Katiebabs over at Ramblings on Romance.

Very thought-provoking, and moving. Well worth reading.


  • That’s beautiful.


  • A~ I heart you. And you know why.


  • I am crying along with everyone else.
    Hopefully everyone’s are tears of happiness. 😀


  • Very touching post.

    I was considered weird as a child but strangely enough no one ever made fun of me (much) for it.

    I wonder if after the conversation katiebabs had with her mom, knowing these girls were targeting her out of jealousy empowered katiebabs?

    I see this everyday jealous inspired behavior every day in my nieces (age 8) and in my peers- online and off. Discussing it is the best way to halt it and this post should be read by every blogger and blog reader. Excellent! Thanks for the link.


  • Cool link, Karen. I had a similar experience growing up and also a similar ending. It took years, but I finally found out that most of the kids who made fun of me secretly liked/admired me. What a long, strange trip, eh?


  • I can’t post on the blog in question for some reason, but that was a very well written, very poignant, and very touching post. Thanks for sharing.


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